Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Miller Christmas 2008

We had a Great Christmas this year!  It was full of the stuff that counts...Family!  I was worried earlier this year, when we started our debt reduction program, that Christmas would be bleak.  I was wrong.  We set a budget and stuck to it (with $20 left over).  I am amazed at how well our Christmas turned out.  Santa is a bargain shopper it turns out...who knew?
We started out Christmas morning at our house, it was so fun.  Jake ran down the stairs saying "hold on Walkin, Talking Lightening McQueen, I'm coming ..." .  It was so cute, he just knew that Santa brought it for him, luckily he did : )  I was also very happy to have Victoria back home, it wouldn't have been the same without her.

Next stop, Grandma Hayden's house in Fort Scott, KS.  My Grandma, all of my Aunts and Uncles, and most of their kids were there.  We had a great time, I am blessed to have each of them in my life.  We stayed the night at Grandma's and my dad taught Colby and I how to play Chess.  We are now Chess nerds, I win more than Colby.

Friday was on to Colby's Dad's family in Baxter Springs, and his dads house in Grove, OK.  Jake got to play with his cousins Seth, and Jared.  

Saturday we had breakfast with Colby's mom and sister.  He just knew that she had bought him  "Handy Manny, when he grabs his tools".  He had been asking for this toy at every stop, he finally got it. We also got to go see Colby's  Gogi (his grandma), we love her very much.

Devon, spent most of his time being held.  He had a good Christmas too...he just doesn't know it yet.  
We managed to get back in time to be on the road most of the snow storm on Saturday, we had the 4x4 though...we made it.  

I am so glad to have been able to have such a great Christmas...and such a great family!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My boys love each other

Jake is a big helper. Here he is helping by watching Devon, while I changed the crib sheets (right next to the chair).  Devon was just staring at him, watching his every move.  I love how much the adore each other.....I just hope that it is the same in a few years.

Armstrong Christmas

Every year the Saturday before Christmas, we celebrate with my parents.  It has just become our tradition.  Colby and I look forward to it every year.  This year, we decided to only buy for the kids, and the adults played our traditional "Chinese Christmas".  When I was younger, I looked forward to Christmas, mainly for toys/gifts, and of course my grandma's homemade chicken and noodles.  Now, I look forward to spending time with my family, watching "It's a Wonderful Life" with Colby on Christmas Eve, making my grandma's homemade noodles, and of watching my kids open their gifts.  Not one of the things that make my Christmas special involve me receiving anything tangible.  If you would have told me this 15 years ago, I would have laughed, so I guess that means I've grown up...kind of

My Mom and Dad with my sister Cherie

My niece Casey and her husband David
Me, my sister Cherie, and my brother Garen
Armstrong grand kids : Aiden, Victoria holding Devon, Jake, Aspen, Peyton, and Carson

Friday, December 19, 2008

Literary Irony

Colby and I have been having fun looking up our family on (old fogey I know).  Anyway, we found a link that tells you what famous people you are related to.  Colby has cool relatives like my fave Audrey Hepburn, and JFK.  Me I am related to Emily Dickinson, Ralph Waldo Emerson, E.E. Cummings. F.Scott Fitzgerald, Robert Frost and many more.  Colby's response to this... "wow babe, all those poets and authors and you cant even spell".
Sad thing is, he is right. I have to spell check everything...  I guess somethings aren't hereditary : )

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bargaining for some quiet

Last night I either became the funnest mom, or the craziest one.   I had to run into the Legends to get some gifts for Christmas. I knew exactly what I wanted, so I had Victoria stay in the Jeep with the boys.  It was too cold to get them out and parade around an outdoor mall.  At least too cold for Devon.  While I was gone, Jake continually bugged Victoria to go out and play in the snow.  Of course she denied him this.  When I came back, he started bugging me.  The conversation then turned to this :
Jake...  "Ok, I need to go potty, I can go potty outside"
Me..."no, we are in public, you can wait until we get home, you just went potty at Cori's house"
Jake..."Yeah...I need ta go potty outside"
Me..."we need to go home to see daddy"
Jake..." No, I need a go potty outside"
Me... "Jake, we are on the highway in the dark, I am not pulling over to let you go potty"
Jake..." Ok, I'll go potty outside when we get home"
Me..."Ok, you can go potty outside when we get home, we'll even write your name in the snow"
Jake..."Ok, yeah, I will write my name in the snow"

Whew...silence at last.  I knew that I would have to deal with this again later, but for now....Peace.  
As soon as we got home it was time to pay the piper.  Jake and I went outside and he peed in the snow.  He was so proud of himself, and I have a good story to tell future girlfriends : )

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Pics

Here are some pics of my kids in front of the Christmas tree...cheesy I know.  However, Christmas morning is too busy to get anyone to stop for a posed pic.  Besides I needed them for a Christmas gift.  If Jake isn't as smiley as normal, it is because we had to bribe him to put down his blanket for a few minutes to take these pictures.  I don't think his whole heart was in it.
Devon at 8 weeks old
Jake 3 and Devon
Victoria 13, Jake, and Devon

Friday, December 12, 2008

Mercy and Forgiveness

compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one's power to punish.
Stop feeling angry or resentful toward someone for an offense, flaw, or mistake

Many of you know that Colby and I have been through a lot this year.  My daughter choose to move to her dads in April, under VERY difficult circumstances.  This was extremely hard on us both.  We struggled with our feelings for her and even swore that she would never return to our home to live again.  After Devon was born, we slowly started being around her again.  She was slowly proving to us that she was changing.  This week we had to move things up at light speed.  It seems that old habits die hard for my ex-husband.  Colby and I know without doubt that what she has told us this time is true.  It seems that if it weren't for what I went through in the past, she would not be believable.  Colby and I know in our hearts that we can't let her go back to living like that.  Even though she has brought us much heartbreak and misery, we have been given the courage to grant her both Grace and Forgiveness.  I find myself at a bittersweet crossroads.  I love my husband and never want to put our family at harm.  However, I am happy that what appears to the daughter that I used to know is back.  I know that only time will show us if she has shed the person that inhabited my house for several months last year.  Some of you may find yourself wondering how we could make such a choice.  The answer is easy.  God showed us mercy and forgiveness, because he loves us like a father. He didn't make us prove ourselves first and act later, he did what he needed to do.  After all this is the time of year we are celebrating Gods choice to send his only son, in order for us to be free of the life we were leading. What better example is there to follow?

Friday, December 5, 2008

King Size

Ok, this is a little late I know.  Colby, the boys and I went out of town for Thanksgiving last week(Told you this was old).  It was great to get to see our families, but very exhausting.  We stayed at my Grandmother's house on Thanksgiving night.  She has two full size beds in her upstairs room, it is more of a loft actually.  Colby and I slept in one and my dad(brave sole) and Jake slept in the other.  After sleeping there with Colby, I have new respect for my parents and anyone else who sleeps in a full size bed.  Wow, you can't move in those beds!  To think my mom slept in a full size bed during two pregnancies...kudos to you mom.  I know there are people out there that don't have much, if any choice in what size bed they sleep in.  They are lucky to have a bed at all.  This Thanksgiving, I am of obviously thankful for my family, I am also thankful for my KING SIZE BED.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Devon's 1 month photos

Devon is one month old today.  I know he isn't going off to college yet, but wow time flies. I love you so much Devon!  I am so happy to be your mommy.  You already bring me so much joy, and I know there is more on the way.  I can see it in the smiles that come before you puke all over me...some say they are gassy, but I think you are smiling because you think it is fun to puke on mom. Here are the photo's that we took of you yesterday.  

This picture we took, because we had one of Jake like it.  I love it because it shows you are small enough to fit in my hands.
I love this picture because I can see your cute "gassy" smile : )

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Brave mom

We went to get Devon's 1 month pictures taken today at portrait innovations (I am too cheap to get the CD no pics until daddy scans them in).  Now, when I say we, I mean me and Jake.  Daddy was at work, I wanted to get this done in a timely manner, so I didn't think twice about going by myself with both boys.  I mean how hard can it be to get photos of an infant?

  Well to start with, I should have noticed that the other people waiting/getting pictures had a 2:1 ratio parents to a 1:2 ratio.  Things started out good, then as a couple of minutes passed, Jake began to get more restless.  He played with the other kids, then realized he was older than them and became the toy distributor.  I, at this point had to feed Devon, who was now hungry (thanks Hooter Hider).  Jake throws a fit because he wants to sit in the "Red" chair, not the "Yellow" chair...What????  And... now I know what lies ahead. 

 We get in to take Devon's pictures.  Jake finds a soccer ball to kick around, and I'll be honest, I tuned him out at this point.  It didn't take long for me to tune back in...the soccer ball hit the wall, Jake was walking all over the photo set, telling the kids out in the play area they had to stay out, then telling me he had to go pee. If I wasn't already sensory overloaded, I would have laughed.  I think even the photographer guy was irritated with me.  When it came time to look at pictures, Jake did a good job of playing...finally.

  As we are getting in the car, Colby calls and asks if Jake did okay.  I tell him a brief versionof events, then he responds... " I was wondering why you wanted to do this on your own...I thought that was very brave of you."   
Honey, the next time please mention this before the adventure.  Thanks!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My boys


Jake loves to entertain Devon, here he told me that he was "goinin to teach him to clap".  Devon doesn't seem to mind, he even smiles at Jake.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wanted: multitasking lessons

I don't know how you moms do it....getting more done than feeding, changing, and praying for sleep.  I know in my brain that someday, I will be able to walk, talk, and chew gum all while being a mom to two little boys.  Right now that someday feels months away.  So, I will do my best to get a blog in every now and then.  It is funny how someone so small can occupy so much of my time...and I love it (the rest is spent telling Jake he needs to listen to mommy the first time).  I do admit, that the time I spend just holding and loving on Devon, doesn't seem like a long time...  Then I look at the time and realize what I didn't get done.  My house and laundry may never be clean at one time again : )  

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My little helper

Jake has been the best big brother.  He just adores Devon.  I started pumping, in order to stock up for going back to work, and times when I can't feed him myself.  This morning, while I was getting dressed, Devon was in the bassinet and I head him start fussing just a little.  Next thing I heard was Jake..."Don't worry Devon, Jakey is here....d'ere"  Jake then comes to tell me "Devon was cryin, so I gave him some milk...kay?".  I had to laugh when I peeked in on Devon.  He had taken the bag of pumped milk and put it in the bassinet with Devon.  What a great helper.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes, we did!!!!

I am so proud of our country, and proud to be an American.  Our generation has had the opportunity to see history made in electing an African-American President.  I am proud to tell my kids and grandkids that I was apart of that history!  More importantly, we have chosen to change the direction of our country.  That is what I love about America, if things aren't going the best for our country ...just change it.  We, the people have the power to change things, by letting our voice be heard.    Tonight, our voices were heard, and Barack Obama is our new President Elect.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


My little family and I had a great Halloween.  We just went around our neighborhood.  Well...we ventured into the part of the neighborhood that has more houses than my part of the subdivision.  

Jake had a blast, he quickly got the hang of trick or treating.  He even created his own little twist.  You see when we were at a house down the street, Jake saw the movie 'Cars' in the background.  He then felt compelled to ask most people what they were watching, or more specifically if they were watching either 'Toy Story' or 'Cars'.  I promise that Jake doesn't sit in front of the TV, in fact when the shows he wants to watch are on, he is usually playing around with his toys and not even paying attention to the show.  Having said this though, his little world is those two movies.  He uses his imagination, and acts out his own stories from those movies.  I guess I would be worried if he wasn't as active as he is.  

Devon was awake the entire time.  His big eyes were just looking at everything.  This was a double bonus. The cool air combined with him being awake equaled me having 4 straight hours of sleep!!!! The longest stretch yet.  

 Colby and I agreed, we had more fun watching Jake go around and have such fun, than we ever did as kids.  I love being a parent, and am so grateful to have such a wonderful husband to parent with.

Friday, October 31, 2008

KC Pumpkin Patch

We are lucky to have a large pumpkin patch so very close to home (less than 2 miles). Colby and I decided to take the boys yesterday.  It is a little too close to Halloween for there to be a ton of pumpkins to choose from, but we had a great time.  Jake got to slide down at least 3 different slides, go through a hay bail maze, a haunted barn, and took a hay ride to the patch.  Devon slept the entire time (except to squeak and grunt when he was uncomfortable on the hay ride).  I am going to be very sad when Colby has to go back to work.  I love having him home.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Devon is here!!!!

He proved me wrong!!  I don't have to worry about being pregnant forever!! At 1 AM Monday morning, I woke up thinking I had peed my pants, but then after a while I knew my water had broken (or at least was leaking).  Off to the hospital we went.  I had a hard time progressing, then at a little before 1 PM he moved position, my water gushed and in less than 45 min I went from 5 cm dilated to Devon being born!  He was born at 1:39pm 10/20/2008 weighed 7lb 15.7 oz and was 19 1/4 inches long.  Unfortunately, even though he had good Apgar's (8,9) he had poor perfusion to his extremities and had to go to the NICU.  The nurse took a backseat to the mom in me and I just knew he had some sort of heart problem. I don't think I have ever been that sad, worried and just heart broken than when they snatched him out of our room and took off to the NICU.  In about an hour we learned that Devon's fast entrance to the world caused him to have a little more trouble transitioning, but was doing great now! Imagine my relief, my baby is going to be fine!
I don't think this picture does him justice.  He has blonde hair (not sure where that came from) and blue eyes (probably not for long).  Colby and I think that he looks a lot like Jake did when he was born, but my mom is convinced he looks like me.  I don't think so, but I do think he looks like a little old man with 5 chins...he even gets "old man angry" when he is hungry or cold.  

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I will be pregnant forever

I have come to the realization that Devon is not going to come out.  Yes, I will be the first woman in history to never give birth.  I also realized that my due date isn't until Sunday, he still won't come out!  I have reached the stage that I wake up every day just to wait and see if anything will happen.  It doesn't.  If it does, it is just trick labor (false labor implies a mistake, God is toying with my mind here people), and it goes away after a couple of hours.  I think tonight, I am going to make my husband take me on a 20 mile walk.  I bet things still won't happen on their own.  Hey come to think of it, I should start taking bets.  I think this little guy won't come on his own, he'll wait until 10/23 until the pitocin forces him out.  By then he will weigh 9 lbs 3 oz.  
OK, I guess I'll stop pouting now (just look for my picture in the Guinness book of world records)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Hooter Hider is here!

Yeah! It is finally here! The one thing that I wanted as opposed to needed for Devon.  A Hooter Hider.  It is a ultra cool nursing cover (no more sitting in the bathroom in public to breastfeed).  I can also use it as a lightweight blanket, or as a sunshade over the car seat.  
Cherie, this means that you can be in the same room as me and not get the Willy's when I feed Devon. 
I realize that I am a little too excited to get this, but hey I have already admitted to being a dork. Plus, it is the only thing left that I needed to take with me to the hospital.  Now I am ready...Devon are you listening?  Anytime now, anytime.

P.S.  Why does God have to make our faces get fat during pregnancy?  Isn't the rest of my body plenty enough?

Monday, October 6, 2008

I love Halloween

I am excited that Jake is at an age to really be into dressing up for Halloween!  Friday, we went to Target to pick up a costume...surprise, surprise he picked Buzz Lightyear.  When we got home, he put it on right away, and played around the house in it.  Oh, we also had to refer to him as Buzz all night long.  Colby had to put it away this weekend in an attempt to save it as much as possible for Halloween night.  If he hadn't, it would be all he wanted to wear.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Forefathers rolling over in their graves

I am appalled that our leaders (Obama included) just gave over $700 BILLION to a group of stupid bankers!  Seriously, no one asked them to give mortgages to people they KNEW wouldn't be able to pay them back.  If someone comes in and says to the people at Wal-Mart, "I want that motorized Corvette for my son, but I don't want to pay you now" they would escort you out of the store.  Even "Lay away" needed money down to hold your stuff until you could pay for it. 
So, after all of these 100% financed, no credit needed loans, who gets to pay for it??? ME...and you!  Guess what most of those people who's houses foreclosed on are doing? most of them sitting back and laughing, because they probably don't have to pay taxes anyway. Since when did our Government have money to give??? Last I checked we are in debt up to the moon.  Seriously, the last 8 years have brought us more and more debt.  We have got to change the way our Government spends money, and collect more from people who have it to give.  I hate it when the Republicans (I was one until this election) say  "he wants to increase taxes".  Yes this is true...ON PEOPLE WHO MAKE OVER $250,000 A YEAR!!!!  I don't know anyone who makes that much a year. I think it is simple math, if I pay (hypothetical numbers here) 25% of my $50,000/year or $12,500 and someone else pays 15% on their $300,000/year or $45,000, how is that fair?  Why not do it the other way around or equal?  25% of $300,000 ($75,000) is a hell of a lot more than 25% of my $50,000/year ($12,500).  I guess now that I am trying to get OUT of debt, I am more angry that our stupid Government doesn't want to.  

OH, guess what else I read today.  Governor Schwarzenegger is going to ask the US Gov to help bail out the state of California for 7 Billion dollars....true story folks, when does it stop?  

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Jo and the Giant Belly

Well, with less than 3 weeks to go to my October 19th due date.  It is time that I admit I have a GIANT Belly!!!  Colby couldn't help himself, when I came downstairs in my ultra sexy PJ's that I bought to wear at the hospital, he had to take this pic.  So have a good laugh on me...

Also, it seems that Padre enjoys a nap on the ol prego belly.  He loves me even more now that I give him insulin shots everyday to keep him alive...

Monday, September 29, 2008

No Glaucoma for Jake!!

Today we went to see a Pediatric Opthamologist, one who specializes in glaucoma.  Sounds odd, I know.  Colby was born with a Coloboma (pupil that looks like a key hole) to his left eye and congenital glaucoma. Colby wasn't diagnosed until 3 years old and is legally blind in his left eye. As a result of the strong family history, Jake was monitored at a few weeks of age, and then again today (we would have come in earlier if he had any problems).  Jake did great!  he has great vision, better than average for his age, as most 3-5 year olds are far sighted.  
I was shocked to see him sit in the chair, both before and after having his eyes dilated, and allow them to shine the lights in his eyes.  I am sure it is a testament to the Dr's and techs at Children's Mercy Vision Clinic that they were able to tune into what would help a 3 year old do what they needed him to. I am glad we went, and Colby is super relieved to know that Jake has great vision.  It has always bothered him to think that he could pass this on to our children.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Brand Loyalty

Jake is only 3, but is already an advertiser's dream.  He is already very brand loyal.  Recently we introduced him to Capri Sun, he drinks his weight in that stuff.  We have been buying it from Sam's Club, where you can get 4 cases for $7( a steal).  In every pack there are 4 flavors, and Jake has already distinguished which ones he loves the best.  He even drinks them in that order.  He drinks the "Wild Cherry" first, followed by "Fruit Punch", "Pacific Cooler, then last "Strawberry Kiwi".  If you try to give him a "Pacific Cooler and he finds a "Fruit Punch" he will say "hey, lets drink this first".  
P.S. this is the best pic I could find without getting up and taking one myself : )

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Blankey Hits

Jake is a thumb sucker.  At least when he is tired, or going to sleep.  He is also a blanket kid.  He loves that thing.  We have to sneak it into the wash when he isn't looking.  Most days the blanket is within eyesight at all times.  The reason for this is what Colby and I have dubbed "Blankey Hits".  If Jake is playing, but getting tired, he will run, grab blankey, lay down, suck his thumb and rub the blanket.  This usually only lasts for less than a minute or two, then back up to full speed.  This is our tell tale sign that he is sleepy.  I realize that he is 3, but I still see him as a little guy.  I will be sad when the days of "Blankey Hits" are over.

I'm at the quirky stage...

With now less than 4 weeks left until my due date, I have hit the uncomfortable, quirky stage of pregnancy.  I woke up yesterday morning and it is very obvious that Devon has "dropped".  I thought he had a little the week before, but he is even farther down now.  I know because the "just have to laugh stage" is in full effect.  While in the shower, I was completely unable to put my foot on the wall of the shower to shave my legs.  I had to resort to sitting on the floor of the shower (The getting up off the floor is a whole other blog).  Some things just have to be done.  Also, while sitting at the table or sitting at all, I am unable to sit with my legs together.  It seems Devon is sitting in my lap.  Last but not least, if I don't wear full panel maternity shorts or jeans, then my belly hangs out under my shirt.  If I didn't know better, I might be frightened that this would be my plot in life.  Thank goodness, in a few weeks, some normalcy will return.

Friday, September 19, 2008

I hate rude kids

Jake and I just came home from the park.  I usually love going with him.  He is so good at making friends anywhere he goes.  Most of the time there are other kids there, and they all have a good time playing.  Not today.  There were about 5 other kids there, and all of them were rude.  Of course their parents were setting in the shelter talking and not paying attention to them (part of the problem I am sure).  Anyway, one little girl in particular was the ring leader.  She tried to tell Jake that he couldn't play on the equipment, because they were not playing with him.  I heard her say this, but Jake came over and asked me if he could play.  I tell him that the playground is not theirs, so go ahead and play.   She tells him again, so I say in a loud voice (hoping the delinquent moms will hear) "they are being mean, but you can still play".  At this point the kids move on, Jake plays a while then goes to play at another part of the park.  He runs up to a little boy and introduces himself, and the kid tried to kick him.  Jake came to me and said "that was not nice"  I told him out loud "there are a lot of mean kids here today, but you can still go play".  No, no parents even notice.  Next, Jake is headed toward a  slide, the little girl runs over and sits in the opening then tells Jake "this is for my friends" Ok, it is time for the mommy claws to come out.  I tell the little girl "No, you need to move.  This is not your slide, if you want to go down then do it, but you will not tell him he can't slide"  she looks at me then slides down.  I had a couple other interactions like this throughout our stay.  Yes, I am that mom.  I don't tolerate rudeness no matter who it comes from.  If your kids are being rude, and you either don't care or are ignoring it.  Don't worry, I'll straighten them out.  Can I just say that if Jake did that, I would have corrected him, but if he did it again, I would have spanked his butt in front of everyone and then we would have left.  If we don't teach respect toward others now, they will never get it.  
whew....glad to get that off my chest.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cheers to Dave Ramsey and Craigslist

I am so grateful that Colby and I have found Dave Ramsey.  He is a saving grace, and truly doing God's work.  Even though Colby and I make great money, we made bad choices on how to use it.  I think that this is a problem nationwide as well.  I now know that "buyer's remorse" is in fact a spiritual scolding.  Proverbs 10:22- "the blessings of the Lord makes one rich, and he adds no sorrow with it".  I love being able to buy things and not feel guilty about them.  If I do feel guilt, I don't buy it.
It sounds crazy, but now that we have set up a budget, we feel like we have more money.  We just didn't know where it was going.  We have more money to put toward our "debt snowball".  In the last 3 months we have paid off a little over $27,000. in Debt!!!! Yes, that includes selling my beloved Odyssey, and buying a less expensive car.  Can you believe it?  It is very exciting!!!  We still have a long way to go, but we have set sail for our goal of complete financial freedom (No debt, including having a paid for home).  One of the ways we are getting money to pay off our debt is to sell items that we no longer need and take up space in our house.  Craigslist has been an amazing place to get it done. Including selling our Van, we have earned $21,005 for our stuff on Craigslist.  $185.00 of that since this past Friday.  We have also used Craigslist to find great deals, for example we spent only $170 on a Glider and Ottoman for Devon's room.  The glider alone sells for $408 at Babies R Us.    Ahhh....I have found a new love for finding great deals and getting OUT of debt instead of diving deeper into it!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I am lucky to have meet such great people here in Gardner!  I started going to Jazzercise about 18 months ago, and loved it.  I not only loved the workout, but I also loved the people that I met.  I get excited to go to class and see them.  I haven't exercised since about mid June, but still go on Wednesday's to babysit.  I miss seeing them as often as I used to.  Today, they threw me a baby shower, even though they didn't need to.  I had such a great time, getting to visit with them.  Thanks Melanie, Stephanie, Cher, Betsey, and Bambi for everything!  Steph, you are way too creative with the "diaper cake"  I couldn't even get it to stand straight for a picture, let alone have it look as cute as you did.  Thanks again !  Oh, Jake thinks he needs the wrist rattles for his "watch".
I'll be back at class routinely as soon as Dr Mitchell lets me : )

Friday, September 12, 2008

Sick Privileges

I am NOT the parent that lets her kids sleep in bed with her.  Even from day 1, it was off limits.  Mainly because I value my sleep, and 1. I am always worrying about waking them or rolling over on them, and 2. they crowd me out of my space.  I am not good on little sleep, so even during my daily nap (Cori, you are not alone) I forbid it.  There are VERY few times that Jake has slept in my bed, so today was a small miracle.  Jake has been battling his allergies (thanks to my genetics) and woke with a high temp.  He was diagnosed with a Sinus infection today.  I had a hard time getting him to take a nap in his own bed, he said "it is too hard to sleep".  I assume he means that his head is throbbing or he can't breathe, or both.  I have 5 weeks left in my pregnancy, and I need at least an hour nap, so I play the "take a nap with mommy" card.  Yep it worked, except not as fast as I wanted.  The cat laid between us and was wagging his tail in Jake's face every time he dosed off.  After that, I kicked the cat out. I got a nap, and he is still asleep.  Win, Win!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

I love the Letter Factory

Jake just turned 3 in July, but he already loves to learn his letters.  About a year ago we bought a DVD called "The Letter Factory" it is a Leap Frog video.  It teaches all the letters and their sounds.  Jake is addicted to it.  It is like kiddie crack, he watched it over and over (he still loves it a year later).  After only a few viewings he could already say the entire alphabet and knows what sound each one makes.  I just found out today that there is another video that is called the "The Talking Words Factory"  I guess there are even more. How do you say "No" to a kid asking for educational DVDs .  If I said "No" I would feel like a bad parent, and it would certainly lead to his being a delinquent in school and maybe even drop out.  Therefore, I must go get them all.  I can't have my 30 year old son living in my basement because I didn't go buy "The Talking Words Factory"

Monday, September 8, 2008

Padre is feeling better!!

I haven't mentioned it until now, but the last couple of weeks have included caring for our cat Padre.  Padre is 9 years old, and is technically Colby's cat (he loves me best though).  A few weeks ago, Padre started peeing on everything.  I thought he had another UTI.  When I came home from an extra 8 hour shift at work, he was still laying in the same spot I left him in and he hadn't eaten since the day before, I knew something was wrong.  I told Colby that I thought he had Diabetes, because he had been drinking an excessive amount of water and the urine spots were very large and numerous (both signs of Diabetes.)  We went to the small task (I only go in emergencies).  The vet told us that he may have Kidney failure, and he was dehydrated.  I gave him IV fluids at home for about 5 days.  The next day, the vet called and said that his blood work showed he was a Diabetic instead. Thanks to Aleks who rode her bike to the vet to get his supplies, we were able to start insulin injections and special (and VERY expensive) new food.  Over the last week, I gave the injections, but Padre still didn't eat.  I was getting very worried about him.  I don't want him to suffer.  This weekend however, our old Padre came back.  Friday he ate for the first time, and started interacting with us again, and by Saturday, he was bugging me to eat anytime he was hungry.  Yeah, our old cat is back.  I never thought I would be the pet owner that went to extreme lengths to save the animal, but when you love em like family it is hard not to.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Jake and the Soldier

If you have ever met my son, you know that he knows no stranger. I had several errands to run today, one of which took us to the Sprint Store. Jake had already voiced his opinion that "dis is not fair" when we walked in. He didn't want to stand in line with me, he wanted to sit in the chairs at the front of the store. Well, you and I know that 3 year olds don't sit. I apprehensively let him go sit. After standing in line for a while, with Jake in my line of sight, I heard him talking to someone. I looked over to see Jake talking the ear off of this young Soldier, dressed in his Desert camo. He couldn't have been more than 21 or so.  Jake was telling him all about his toys: his Cars, Buzz Lightyear, and Woody. The young man was engaging Jake in conversation. At one point Jake came over to me and said "thanks for killin the spiders in my room."  I looked over, and the young Soldier told me, "he said you killed the spiders for him, so I told him he should tell you thanks". I had to laugh, Jake would tell his life story to anyone who will listen. I finally got to the counter to pay our monthly Sprint bill, when I hear Jake using his "I'm right, you are wrong voice". I turn and see Jake pointing to the American Flag on the man's uniform and saying "No, dat flag is backwards". Oh, my I am embarrassed.  I have no idea where he learned that.  My dad was in the military, so I assume that he learned it from dad.  If you know my dad, you would understand that he likes to argue with Jake just for fun.  It wouldn't surprise me to hear Jake saying this same thing to dad, and dad just saying "no, it isn't". I hoped this man wouldn't take offense. Instead, he tells Jake (and me) that the flag is backwards, because as Soldiers, they are always moving forward and if they were carrying the flag it would be blowing backwards. Also, it represents that they will never retreat.  At this point I am done and turn to get Jake, when he is telling the young soldier that "yes" he can do push ups. Whatever, I think to myself. The young soldier, asks Jake to show him some.  Jake looks at him in confusion. Next thing I know, the soldier is on the floor, showing/instructing Jake on how to do push ups : )  Jake does 1.5 and then stops. The young man told him "you're not done yet, bud"  Jake just shook his head and said "No". We both laughed, and I thanked him profusely for tolerating Jake, and entertaining him. The funny thing is, Jake wasn't afraid or in awe of this young man, he just recognized him as someone he wanted to be pals with.  Thanks Soldier Hooper!!

This is Jake giving a demo of his new push up skill.  As you can see, he hasn't perfected it yet.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Don't be scammed

I have said before that I am a big Obama fan.  Having said that, I feel the need to prevent good women from falling victim to the ploy that John McCain has set out for you.  A lot of young women voters would love to see a women in the White House.   I too, think that would be great.  If the woman were the BEST choice for our country!  Ladies, we are smarter than this.  Just because we see a woman on the ticket doesn't mean she is ready to lead.  Our responsibility as citizens is to do our best to pick the person who best represents our country to be the leader of the free world.  I know that we will see a woman in that position someday, and I know it will be because she is a kick ass woman who can hold her own with the super powers of the WORLD, and run our county like it should be.  This woman will have had to be tested over a period of time in order to prove herself as worthy, and ready to lead.  The last thing our county needs is to have an unprepared woman find herself in a position of National or International tragedy/turmoil and breakdown and cry because she is over stressed.  Yes, I said it, I am a woman, so I know that it happens.  It is in our DNA, we have to learn to control it.  It takes time and small challenges to overcome these female downfalls.  Sarah Palin has been prematurely placed in a position of power.  If the Republicans achieve victory, she willLITERALLY be a heartbeat away from the Presidency.  Her background isn't impressive enough to give me confidence in her.  I think she has done great things, and am proud of her becoming Governor of Alaska.  It takes more than being Mayor of a town of 6,000 and a less than 2 year Governor of the 47th populated State in the Union to be ready to lead our Nation.  Let's face it Ladies John McCain played on our hopes.  Instead of picking a tried and true running mate that has shown abilities to lead, he picked the former Beauty Queen, who has a compelling story to try to trick us.  We are smarter than that.  Lets show him that it takes more than female anatomy to win our votes, we want brains and proven action.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Daddy Duty

Well, I guess that heightened sense of hearing that I have always had for my children goes away when I am this pregnant.  I have always been able to hear the littlest sound Jake makes at night, but Colby usually doesn't wake up until I am already out of bed.  These last few weeks (and few weeks ahead) Colby has been having to sleep in the guest bedroom, across from Jake's room.  Not because I kicked him out, but because I snore like a man at the end of my pregnancies.  The last week Colby has been telling me that he is up a time or two with Jake at night.  What?  I don't hear a darn thing.  Last night was the funniest.  Colby asked me if I heard Jake up.  No, I didn't, not AT ALL!!  Well, I guess Colby woke to hear Jake up in his rocker, just rocking away.  He asked Jake from across the hall if he was rocking in his rocker.  "yeah" Jake replied.  Colby asked him why and he said "because".  Then, he also started turning his light off and on until Colby had to get up and tell him to get back into bed and go to sleep.  Now, Jake is either a night owl, had something on his mind, or is a sleepwalker like his mom (I have been known to make pudding, and even made my sorority sisters get out of the house because I told them it was full of smoke).  Either way, I am glad that I am not the one who had to deal with these shenanigans :)  Thank goodness for pregnant snoring. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Naked Pride

I just love being at home with Jake!  I know I have said that before, but it is so true.  We have a neighborhood pool that we go to very often.  This is the last week that it will be open and Jake and I are trying to get in as many swims as possible. Last year Jake asked to swim EVERY time we went by the pool after it closed, even during snowstorms.  He loves the water, he is my little Michael Phelps : )  In fact most days (like today) I have to call daddy and promise that we will come back when he gets home from work in order to prevent a melt down when it is time to come home for lunch.  Today when we arrived home, he stripped down and we put his swim trunks on the back porch to dry before we went again to the pool.  As I was finishing hanging his towel, I looked to my left to see a naked Jake standing in the SuperMan position (feet apart, hands on hips) and telling the dog Bo in a very Tarzan voice "I am Naked Bo".  I couldn't help but laugh, I wished I had the camera at that point.  I am so glad that I don't have to miss moments like those!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So excited

Can I just say how excited I am to have my new baby!  This week, Colby, Jake and I painted Devon's room.  Colby put up his crib last night, and we went through Jake's old baby clothes. Today I am washing them and putting them in the dresser for Devon. OMG (sorry, it just felt right) I forgot how little they are.  It seems with every outfit or onesie I found, there was a memory attached to it.  I love Jake at 3,  but I miss him as an infant.  I guess I just can't wait to do it all again!  Only 9 weeks left to go!  I can't wait, I can't wait, I can't wait!  (ok, I can wait long enough to have a term baby though) : )


Well, most of you know that I was an aspiring Olympic Gymnast when I was younger.  Mary Lou and Nadia were my idols!  No, I didn't have the talent or the perseverance to actually make it very far, but I had fun and learned a lot along the way.  For several years, I spent about 4-5 nights at the gym and during meet season was on the road every weekend.  I love gymnastics, and watch it when I can. It is for this reason that I have good reason to gripe about the judging and results of the Olympics this year.  1st...those Chinese girls are pre-pubescent...they need to wait their turn to go for the gold.  Let the honest girls who put in more hours at the gym, and incurred more injury and/or risk of injury take their turn for glory.  Stupid cheating Chinese...and the IOC doesn't think that Communist China would fake passports to win? Well, I hope that sorts itself out after the games.  2nd  I do like Nastia Liukin, but I think that because we got an American All Around Champion, we overlooked the injustice of poor judging given to Shawn Johnson.  Shawn lost Gold to Nastia by .600 of a point.  Not much folks.  If we look at the events of those nights, Shawn got a less than deserved score on Vault, Bars, and Beam.  Lets say for argument sake that Beam was our only point of contingency.  Shawn has a higher start value for her Beam (the highest in competition) a 7.0 compared to Nastia's 6.6.  Shawn had an awesome event, she really only had a small wobble and took a small step on dismount.  Nostia had several small wobbles and also took a step on dismount.  So how did Shawn get a lower score than Nostia?  Nastia's start value is .400 less than Shawn and she had more mistakes, at least .200 worth if not more.    All this on only 1 event.  If you add up the the missed deductions from the other 2 events, Shawn gets the Gold.  I think that Shawn was targeted because of her Pre-Olympic fame.  I will say that she is a very gracious loser (if you can call Silver losing) she had nothing but a big smile and hug for Nastia, anyone notice Nastia's face when she didn't win the Gold on Beam.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Talent in my family

I am so lucky that my kids have a dad with some artistic talent!  If you didn't already know, Colby is a Graphic Design Artist, and even though he doesn't draw per say at work, he is capable of doing it.  Jake loves playing with sidewalk chalk (as do most kids) and he has been spoiled by daddy's drawings.  He now loves to see what we can draw.  I came home from a quick Price Chopper run last night to find that Colby had drawn a complete Solar System...compleate with Haley's comet (see below).  
Now, even though I love seeing Jake so exctied to have such artwork on our driveway, I feel very sorry for him.  You see my art skills are very poor.  I am lucky to draw a straight line.  Yes, I took an art class in High School, but only because it was the last semester of my Senior year, first hour, the teacher never knew I was always late, and I got to gossip with Cori all hour.  I didn't learn a darn thing.  So as you can see below,  when I draw a basketball, or even a football, my son will tell me "no, thats not it"...even he knows (at 3 years old) that his mom is a sucky artist.  He will tell me "when daddy get's home, he play with chalk with me"  : )  Gotta love their honesty!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Devon's 3D

I know that some of you think that 3D ultrasounds are kind of creepy.  The fact is you can see your baby while they are inside of you!!! That is the coolest!!  Yesterday we went for our 3D for Devon.  I was very surprised and upset to learn that he is breach...yikes any suggestions to get him to move are appreciated!  I think he may have moved last week when I had my glucose tolerance test, if you recall I thought a cartoon cat and dog fight was going on inside of me.   I am only 29 weeks, so I know he has time to move on his own.  I am honestly not concerned about having to have the C-section itself if he doesn't, but how much more out of pocket we will have to pay if he doesn't move.  This may sound trivial to some...but when you have crappy insurance like I do then yes you tend to worry how many thousands the hospital/doctor will want to take away from you. (Remember we are trying to get out of debt too).  This is my third child, and I would like to just go in and do my thing like always.  Bottom line...stories of babies moving on their own are the only ones allowed to be told to me.
Anyway, I was very excited to see how much alike my boys least in utero.  Because Devon was breach he usually had a foot or a hand in front of his face, so we didn't get the best pictures of him.  What we did see, was very cute (I think) and has me very excited to meet him in person.
While we were at the facility having the Ultrasound, Jake lost his favorite Lightening McQueen car...bad news for all.  After several minutes of searching by Nanny and Mr. Grandpa it was determined that it wasn't in the waiting room, but we had to wait an extra hour to search the US room as a new family was in there.  While we waited, we reviewed pictures of Devon, Jake looked  at them and said in a very serious way "Devon took him" and pointed to the picture.  I told Colby that may not be the last we ever hear that.  After exhausting our search, it was determined that a little boy who was leaving as we were going in may have swiped it (he was seen leaving with a 'Cars' backpack).  A tough lesson to learn at such a young age...except he has 2 other McQueen's at home so one of them will regain the favorite position.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

It's HOT!!!

Ok, I would like to know how our grandmothers ever made it to term with their pregnancies?  Seriously, I would have NEVER had kids if I lived in a time with no  AC.  If I am at the pool I can tolerate the heat, but since Jake is banned from the pool until his hand is healed, no pool for me.  Monday night Colby and I went to the Royals game with my friend Ashley and her husband Brian.  Yes, the hottest day of the year, I sweltered in the heat.  I thought at the time I was doing ok, just sweating like a faucet.  Yesterday I woke up and felt like I had a hangover.  I managed to get my errands done, and when Jake took a nap, so did I... for 3 hours.  I woke up and didn't even know who I of those kinds of naps.  Today it is supposed to be "cooler"  Ok, cooler maybe but when the humidity is 99.9% it still feels like I live inside a volcano.  Don't get me wrong, I would rather be outside in the heat, than cooped up inside while it is 12 below outside, I guess I should stop complaining, and learn from those big fat hogs...and go find a cool mud puddle to slide my big ole' pregnant self into.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Jake's 1st trip to the Urgent Care for Stitches

Friday was supposed to be a fun afternoon with friends at the pool.  However, after only 30 min of playing at the Gardner pool, Jake's fun was cut short.  He was swimming to the base of the playground in the zero entry pool, and when he pulled himself up he started crying.  Like a good mom, I told him "oh your ok, let me see".  Much to my surprise he had blood pouring from his palm.  I held pressure on it and went to the first aid station.  The life guards there wanted to put on a band-aid.  I knew though that since the blood hadn't stopped with the pressure I was putting on it that a band-aid wouldn't cut it.  I told them to let me see what they had and I would just wrap it myself.  I put a very nice pressure dressing on it and wrapped it with Coban (the stuff that looks like ace, but sticks to itself).  We then proceeded to get our stuff together, thanks a ton to Sara and Ali for helping me so we could leave the pool.  Jake was so pissed off that he had to stop playing/swimming. He didn't understand that he couldn't just shake this one off.  After Colby met us at home we headed up to CMH South.  By now Jake is fine, playing in the room, being excited to have a "watch" on his arm (name band), even telling the nurses that he wanted to go back to his "party, with his friends".  It wasn't until they came in to sew up his hand that things changed.  Jake had to be papoosed (placed on a board to keep him from moving, he looked like a mummy) and that was the end of the fun.  He cried for daddy to "help me get out of here" and bucked like a bull the whole time.  It took 2 nurses and me to hold down that one arm/hand/shoulder.  I felt so bad because they to give him shots of lidocaine in the cut because the topical didn't work for him.  Even still there were some areas that you could tell were still not numb when they were putting in the sutures.  Poor guy, he was so upset.  All he wanted was for daddy to hold him (I think he was mad at me for holding down his shoulder) and to go get "doll Woody".  Colby was already going to get him a new "Woody doll" for doing good at pooping in the potty this week, so we used this as an incentive to make it through the sutures (we also took him for ice cream).  So after 3 hours in the Urgent Care, we left with 4 stitches and a very tired little boy.  I have gone through this with Victoria before too, but it always hurts me when they have to go through this, I would take all the pain for them if I could.  Well, like Ali pointed out...Jake is following in daddy "Crash"'s footsteps.  Lets hope he finds another path.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Gotta love going to the Dr

There are times in life when you just have to laugh.   Today I found myself in one of those situations.  I had to go to my OB for a visit, I had to do my glucose challenge today and get blood drawn.  I had scheduled the apt for in the morning because I knew we had plans in the evening, so I didn't think anything about it.  Last night I started worrying about Jake watching me have my blood drawn, I didn't want to traumatize him.  I don't mind getting my blood drawn, but trust me working at Children's, has shown me that there are plenty of kids out there who freak when something is done to anyone. I get to the office, I have to take Jake with me to leave my urine sample.  Of course he wants to drink I have to bat him away while trying to finish and get my self out of there before he gets his hands on the cup.  Good news, we are called right away, I mean less than a min later.  I sit down to get my blood drawn all worried about Jake, he does great!  All he was worried about was "what was that?....are  you getting a band-aid?...why do you need a band-aid?  He didn't even know what happened.  Man this is going so much better than I thought.  Well, we get into the room, and of course they tell me that the Dr wants to examine me!!!!!  Oh, man was I not prepared for that.  I have to sit in the room with my little drape over my lower half waiting for the Dr to come see me.  Keep in mind Jake has taken over the exam room with his toys, so I now have to just sit and watch the destruction.  I am not getting matter what.  No sooner than we had been in there the door opens and I'm thinking  "this is going to be the fastest visit ever"  but the nurse tells me my Dr had to run across the street to deliver a baby....WHAT?????  Ok, so I am stuck pant less, with only a cover over my lower half in a 6x6 room with my 3 year old????  Yeah, and I was worried about the blood draw?  Ok, Jake now consistently asks me why my pants are off, and when are we leaving.  His energy is speeding up, and so is my anxiety level.  My mommy thinking springs into action.  I grab a parent magazine and have Jake sit on my sheet covered lap to do a homemade seek and find.  Whew quick thinking, that blew about 25 min or so.  The nurse comes in to see if another Dr can examine me...Heck yes, lets get this going.  We waited 5 more min and she came back...that Dr got called on an emergency C-section.  At this point I am laughing at the situation.  We had to wait about 15 more min before my Dr came in.  Now the dreaded exam...with my 3 yr old son in the room. I was fortunate that the Dr had a student with him.  Jake was almost too busy telling her his name and that mommy had  baby named Devon in her tummy to notice what I was doing.  But he did notice....he looked up and had this confused/traumatized look on his face....I now have a fund for future therapy for him.  Any donations will be gladly accepted...poor kid, will never want to go to the Dr again!!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Being a mom is great!

I love getting to be home most days during the week with my son!  I know how lucky I am to be in a job that this is possible. Having said that, it feels so good to walk into my home, after working a 12 hour shift, and have him run to me with his arms open shouting "mommy, I miss  you today!"  That is the best feeling EVER : )  
But it doesn't end there.  Tonight when I got home, after my big hug, I asked Jake what he was doing.  He pointed to the living room floor and said "Da cars are watching Lightning race".  I looked and saw the cars all lined up very OCD like on the floor while Lightning McQueen raced around his new race track (pictured).  It never ceases to amaze me how the smallest things will make my day.  

Monday, July 28, 2008

Ok, here goes...

Well, here is my family.  Aren't we cute?  Sure we have our dysfunction, but we try like everyone else to sweep that under the table.  This has been a crazy year...thus my need to let it all out.  I have a new baby on the way, my 13 year old daughter has left us for a life of whatever she wants, and my 3 year old still won't poop in the potty (just pee's). Don't get me wrong, I love our life, if it were different it wouldn't be ours. We have discovered the error of our financial ways and learned that Dave Ramsey is a very smart man.  We are taking his advice to become debt free and build wealth.  This is very exciting to us, as well as scary, you will notice this as I go along. So if you see a trend in my being excited over saving $11 at Wal-Mart by searching for coupons, just laugh and know that yes, sadly this is exciting to me.  We have also taken a great interest in the Presidental race this year...We LOVE Obama!!  If you don't that is ok, everyone is entitled to their own point of view.  However,  we are right and Obama is the best...and he is NOT Muslim.  I love because you can check out the facts behind all of those emails that people blindly forward to you, so use it!    Well, now that I am done rambling, in the future my posts will be narrowed to a specific point. At least I hope so.