Friday, October 31, 2008

KC Pumpkin Patch

We are lucky to have a large pumpkin patch so very close to home (less than 2 miles). Colby and I decided to take the boys yesterday.  It is a little too close to Halloween for there to be a ton of pumpkins to choose from, but we had a great time.  Jake got to slide down at least 3 different slides, go through a hay bail maze, a haunted barn, and took a hay ride to the patch.  Devon slept the entire time (except to squeak and grunt when he was uncomfortable on the hay ride).  I am going to be very sad when Colby has to go back to work.  I love having him home.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Devon is here!!!!

He proved me wrong!!  I don't have to worry about being pregnant forever!! At 1 AM Monday morning, I woke up thinking I had peed my pants, but then after a while I knew my water had broken (or at least was leaking).  Off to the hospital we went.  I had a hard time progressing, then at a little before 1 PM he moved position, my water gushed and in less than 45 min I went from 5 cm dilated to Devon being born!  He was born at 1:39pm 10/20/2008 weighed 7lb 15.7 oz and was 19 1/4 inches long.  Unfortunately, even though he had good Apgar's (8,9) he had poor perfusion to his extremities and had to go to the NICU.  The nurse took a backseat to the mom in me and I just knew he had some sort of heart problem. I don't think I have ever been that sad, worried and just heart broken than when they snatched him out of our room and took off to the NICU.  In about an hour we learned that Devon's fast entrance to the world caused him to have a little more trouble transitioning, but was doing great now! Imagine my relief, my baby is going to be fine!
I don't think this picture does him justice.  He has blonde hair (not sure where that came from) and blue eyes (probably not for long).  Colby and I think that he looks a lot like Jake did when he was born, but my mom is convinced he looks like me.  I don't think so, but I do think he looks like a little old man with 5 chins...he even gets "old man angry" when he is hungry or cold.  

Thursday, October 16, 2008

I will be pregnant forever

I have come to the realization that Devon is not going to come out.  Yes, I will be the first woman in history to never give birth.  I also realized that my due date isn't until Sunday, he still won't come out!  I have reached the stage that I wake up every day just to wait and see if anything will happen.  It doesn't.  If it does, it is just trick labor (false labor implies a mistake, God is toying with my mind here people), and it goes away after a couple of hours.  I think tonight, I am going to make my husband take me on a 20 mile walk.  I bet things still won't happen on their own.  Hey come to think of it, I should start taking bets.  I think this little guy won't come on his own, he'll wait until 10/23 until the pitocin forces him out.  By then he will weigh 9 lbs 3 oz.  
OK, I guess I'll stop pouting now (just look for my picture in the Guinness book of world records)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Hooter Hider is here!

Yeah! It is finally here! The one thing that I wanted as opposed to needed for Devon.  A Hooter Hider.  It is a ultra cool nursing cover (no more sitting in the bathroom in public to breastfeed).  I can also use it as a lightweight blanket, or as a sunshade over the car seat.  
Cherie, this means that you can be in the same room as me and not get the Willy's when I feed Devon. 
I realize that I am a little too excited to get this, but hey I have already admitted to being a dork. Plus, it is the only thing left that I needed to take with me to the hospital.  Now I am ready...Devon are you listening?  Anytime now, anytime.

P.S.  Why does God have to make our faces get fat during pregnancy?  Isn't the rest of my body plenty enough?

Monday, October 6, 2008

I love Halloween

I am excited that Jake is at an age to really be into dressing up for Halloween!  Friday, we went to Target to pick up a costume...surprise, surprise he picked Buzz Lightyear.  When we got home, he put it on right away, and played around the house in it.  Oh, we also had to refer to him as Buzz all night long.  Colby had to put it away this weekend in an attempt to save it as much as possible for Halloween night.  If he hadn't, it would be all he wanted to wear.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Forefathers rolling over in their graves

I am appalled that our leaders (Obama included) just gave over $700 BILLION to a group of stupid bankers!  Seriously, no one asked them to give mortgages to people they KNEW wouldn't be able to pay them back.  If someone comes in and says to the people at Wal-Mart, "I want that motorized Corvette for my son, but I don't want to pay you now" they would escort you out of the store.  Even "Lay away" needed money down to hold your stuff until you could pay for it. 
So, after all of these 100% financed, no credit needed loans, who gets to pay for it??? ME...and you!  Guess what most of those people who's houses foreclosed on are doing? most of them sitting back and laughing, because they probably don't have to pay taxes anyway. Since when did our Government have money to give??? Last I checked we are in debt up to the moon.  Seriously, the last 8 years have brought us more and more debt.  We have got to change the way our Government spends money, and collect more from people who have it to give.  I hate it when the Republicans (I was one until this election) say  "he wants to increase taxes".  Yes this is true...ON PEOPLE WHO MAKE OVER $250,000 A YEAR!!!!  I don't know anyone who makes that much a year. I think it is simple math, if I pay (hypothetical numbers here) 25% of my $50,000/year or $12,500 and someone else pays 15% on their $300,000/year or $45,000, how is that fair?  Why not do it the other way around or equal?  25% of $300,000 ($75,000) is a hell of a lot more than 25% of my $50,000/year ($12,500).  I guess now that I am trying to get OUT of debt, I am more angry that our stupid Government doesn't want to.  

OH, guess what else I read today.  Governor Schwarzenegger is going to ask the US Gov to help bail out the state of California for 7 Billion dollars....true story folks, when does it stop?