Thursday, August 25, 2011

It really is about the journey

As I mentioned earlier, I am on a weight loss mission. I am done having babies, and I'm not getting any younger so now is the time.  I am learning to run, I like it, I just need to get stronger and faster. I will, I know this. I have learned how to just accept that right now I am doing my best and that is good enough.  I am not just running, I am working out as well. I have read that running by itself is not the best way to loose weight, the stronger you are the more muscle you have to burn more fat. Lets face it people if this is true then I am on my way to being a body builder...I've got a lot of fat to burn. Ok so body builder is extreme, you get my drift.  I do want to run though. I want to run races and get that feeling of accomplishment. I know that running a race is more about the journey there than the 5k, 10k, half or full marathon themselves. I guess I see myself getting stronger, faster, healthier, wiser, and just plain old more confident than I am right now. I see each of those races as stepping stones to the final looking back at the path that I took to get there. Corney sounding I know, but I see that as a huge prize.
I have recently met someone who is purposely cheating herself out of the journey. I am not sure why, but she misleads people about her actual accomplishments. This bothers the crap out of me! There are various reasons that I know that she is misleading people. The misleading isn't even my problem, my problem is "why can't she love the progress she has really made", "why can't she love herself where she is at right now".  I would love to push the fast forward button on my goals, but the reward wouldn't be as great.  It really is about that journey, the path we choose to take, and how we learn from it.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back on the Wagon

Hi, my name is Joleene and I have a problem.  It's been a 3 week binder, and it's gotta end. No, not that kind of binder. I fell off the eating as healthy as possible wagon. I hit my 1st weight loss goal early. As of 7/19 (the day before Jake's birthday) I had lost 34 pounds since March 24. I was very proud of myself, and since it was Jake's birthday treated myself. His party was that weekend...and I treated myself.  Ok people, I am not gonna lie, these past few weeks a lot of Sonic Blasts, Malts, and Bacon cheeseburgers have been involved. Maybe even some other deviously deliciousness as well. I would love to blame the 9 million degree heat we had during that time. It was hot, and I did need to cool down, but damn it my self control went down the drain.  I didn't really even workout very much. I hurt my knee and then I had a stupid sinus infection. I can only thank my lucky stars that I didn't gain 1 pound...I even lost 2 more. I am pretty sure that really I have Callie to thank for helping loose those 2 pounds despite my binging.

This week, I started anew. Back to limiting my caloric intake between 1800 and 1900 calories. I am not too strict with myself because of my breastfeeding Callie. I don't want my milk supply to slow down.  I am also back to my working out. Last night I went for a run. I ran 3.5 miles in 44 minutes. I know this isn't Kenyan speed, but for me it is very good. I am getting faster and running farther. I can thank for helping me get stronger. I am not always a consistent attendee but try to go 3-4 times a week. I have a crazy love/hate relationship with working out. I love the feeling I get and even love pushing myself as hard as I can, but I hate getting my butt up to go.  I will though, because I have another goal that I WILL hit. I will loose 18 more pounds by 10/22...Devon's birthday party day....oh crap, I hope I don't have a pattern starting here : )

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New addiction

Well crap! I am now addicted to the "you know you went to Sumner if" page on Facebook! That is all I have time to say...back to reliving the things I forgot (and love to remember) about The best High School in all of the 'Dotte!

Sing it...."Summer Sabers, Blue and Silver, we have pledged our hearts to thee, and we'll remember all our lives, our SUMNER ACADEMY!"

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The value of a day off

I was put on call today! If  you aren't in the medical field, then you should know this is a big deal! It is very rare to have the hospital call ME and ask me if I want to stay home....ummmYES!!! always!  I work EVERY weekend, this is what we Weekend Option girls call "the golden handcuffs". I get to be home M-F, this means no daycare, I am a full time mom, my kids have a parent with them 7 days a week, and I get paid at full time rates. Sounds great right? Well, I work all Saturdays and Sundays, I get 4 days off a year and get to be sick 2 times every 6 months. I literally work 46-48 weekends a year depending on how many times I am sick.  As great for our family as this is, it means that Colby and I rarely have days at home together. We have evenings, but that isn't the same as sharing a day together. I miss him, I miss our kids getting to have days where mom and dad are both home (they are better when we are both home). I miss T-ball games, friends' birthday parties, etc. I would love to to say we are close to being done doing this, but in reality we have a couple of more years.

As a result, ANY time I get a chance to spend an unexpected day with my husband and kids, I'm going to make the most of it.  We did!  we all played on the floor with Callie (who is just now sitting on her own!) We napped, and then went to the park after the rain cooled down the heat some....It was a great day! Jake told me "Next Sunday we should all have another day together!"  Someday buddy, someday!

Crazy hair, but I'm sitting up!

They are "Thor"

Friday, August 5, 2011

I am NOT a tree hugger

I know I would have never in a million years seen myself as the mom I am now. I breast feed, use a "Hooter Hider" to do so in public. I wear my baby in my "Mobey Wrap" sling.  I am now adding "baby food maker" to my list of free loving momma stuff to do.  I have to admit, I bought the Baby Bullet for 2 reasons...1. It's cute, 2. it is cheaper to make my own food (like way cheaper...I was crazy not to do this before!).  I have now made 3 different meals for Callie. Avocado, Green Beans (from mom's garden) and tonight I made applesauce. This all sounds so complicated, but it isn't. I still think, oh man, I might not be able to do this. Every time I make a new food, I laugh and think to myself "Man that was so easy...and FUN!"  I admit this places me further into the hippie tribe, but I like it. Oh, and just so you worries I drew the line long ago at diapers. I will only use the disposable, land filling easy for me to use Pampers!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Devon in Drag...kind of

If you have ever had a 2 year old, then you know what kind of craziness can happen in a couple of unattended minutes.  Devon is very 2, he is very similar to a Tasmanian devil.  Destruction, injury, and shenanigans follow his path.  During this scorching summer our biggest struggle is him chucking toys at his brother when he doesn't get what he wants. I think the extreme heat has both kept him inside and hindered his energy burn. One thing it hasn't hindered is his curiosity.  We are always on the lookout for whatever it is Devon's got planned.  This evening when I was nursing Callie, he and Jake were playing the Wii (so we thought). When I finished, Colby mentioned to me that he thought Devon got into the toilet paper in the upstairs (all kids') bathroom. I saw the unraveled TP, but noticed something else as open and obviously used mascara brush. I looked around and thought...."ok, he tried to color with it on the vanity, then tried to clean it up with the TP, no biggie".  I called for Devon to come help me clean up the TP.  I heard him coming up the stairs, and I started to tell him not to color with Victoria's mascara and not to use so much TP to clean it.  It was then that I heard him utter, in a guttural tone. "WHAT?"  I turned to see.........this
I had no words...only hysterical laughter!  My first thought was "Alice Cooper costume or drag dancer at a Cabaret".  No worries, when I asked him what made him do that, he responded "I'm a girl la"  translation "Gorilla".  Ohhhhh! Ok, that was my 37th guess.  Never a dull moment : )  Oh, Devon if you do decide to be a drag dancer, you will be beautiful.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

May I introduce (a little late) Callie Renee Miller

Wow! It has been a while since I have Blogged! I got lazy, and frankly burned out. I know that sounds silly, but I just kind of lost my Mojo. Well I'm bringing it back!

I got a dose of reality today when a high school friend of mine commented about not wanting to forget her baby's moments, smell etc. I realized that is what blogging does it captured those moments I want to freeze.  I then realized that I have never once blogged about my new princess. So without further adieu, I introduce Callie Renee Miller!
Callie was born Thursday February 10th, 2011 at 11:25am (after only 3 1/2 hours of labor!) she weighed 7lbs and 11oz and was 19inches long.

 Callie is named after Colby's Maternal Grandmother Callie Fae (Lee) Beard. She is a wonderful woman and we are so honored to name our beautiful baby girl after her. We gave her my middle name Renee, I love that a part of my name gets to be passed down.
 When we first saw Callie we had to laugh. Jake was the winner! All along Jake had insisted that Callie would have brown hair like him and blue eyes like Devon.  Guess what? He was right. Callie is a perfect mix of her big brothers, and sister.
 Callie is a great baby! (at least for me, she does give daddy a hard time on the weekends) She is very mellow, supper happy, and sleeps all night! Yes, you read right, my breastfed baby girl has slept 12 hours a night since she was about 3 months old. I am just glad that this occurred with my last baby and not the first. I would have not done well with getting up to feed in the middle of the night if I were used to sleeping like I get to with miss Callie.
 Callie has won us all over (not that this was a huge task) she has her brothers fighting over who gets to hold her, her sister waking up early to come in and see Callie in the morning. Daddy's eyes light up when he sees her beautiful smile and I just melt when I walk into her room every morning.
I am So glad that she has completed our family! I just love her so much! I can't even imagine our lives without her in it. She completes us...our little Callie the Finale :)