Monday, July 27, 2009

He is learning young

Tonight I washed Jake's blanket without his knowledge.  I made sure that it was done before bedtime or he would flip out.  Colby ended up getting it for him at bedtime, while I was laying Devon down.  When I was done, Jake was standing in the hall and said to me

Jake- "Hey, my blankey is clean and soft. Did you wash it for me?"
Me- "yes, I did, do you like it?"
Jake- (shaking his head while smiling with his teeth clenched) "I don't want you to do dat again"

Wow, all that was missing was a "Bless your heart" at the beginning and he would make a great Southerner.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Wanted: Help with Teenage Daughter

How in the heck did we all make it past our teens?  Seriously, I have more stress that is a direct result of Victoria than both boys combined.  We are getting out of debt, but she thinks she should be exempt from this, or at least that we should funnel more money to her than we do. She gets to go almost daily to the pool for an average of 5 hours each day, she spends the night or has someone spend the night at least once a week.  She went to the movies this week, she goes to the lake with friends.  Yet, we don't let her do ANYTHING (according to her).  Currently she is convinced that she will not be able to get a license until 17 1/2 because of new laws.  My friend Cori had her husband debunk this theory, but her friends say it is true, so it must be.  I won't let her ride with her friends driving, because they are so young and well, that is good enough.  I told her that when she has a license she can ride with them too.  I want her to have an understanding of what it takes to drive, so she wont be the obnoxious passenger that encourages bad behavior.  I have been told that one of her friends just got a new Mustang, and several others have cars their parents paid for.  Victoria has been told that we will match her dollar for dollar up to a total of $5000 total for the car she will drive (Not a bad deal if you ask me).  I am so tired of hearing about how awful she has it.  Any suggestions on how to fix or at least minimize this?  

Going Grey Quickly in Gardner!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Yes, we do need Health Care!

Last night Colby and I watched Michael Moore's Sicko. I had really never cared to watch it before, as I am not a huge fan of Michael Moore. I am a huge fan of good Health Care though. I urge you all to watch this film. It is a naked look at how broken our system is, and how far behind we are in comparison to Canada, England, France and even Cuba. In these other countries people don't have to pay out of pocket for their health insurance...nothing. Have a baby...Free, have Cancer treated...Free, have an extended ICU visit...Free. Drugs are all one price too. Why are we so far behind? Greed. Some ass hole (Kaiser) figured out that if they deny more things than they permit, they turn a profit. Dr's in HMO's are actually earning money for turning us away from needed procedures. This sickens me! In England, if a Dr is able to get someone to stop smoking, or lose weight, or lower their cholesterol he gets a bonus. Well done England! That is the way to get people to be healthy. Dr's in this country would make a fortune in weight reduction alone!
People who are against this bill in the US, say that it would mean that we have to pay for other people's medical bills. Wow, this from the proudest Christian nation in the world! For people who are so quick to quote the bible as a reason for everything, they seem to forget Matthew 7:12 "So in everything do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums the Law and the Prophets" You see it says EVERYTHING, not just what suits you. Even Jesus talks about helping the sick. I don't think he would like our health care system either. I would love for people to be able to go to their Dr to be treated and not have to worry that if they go, then they won't be able to put food on the table, because the co-pay is too much, or that when the bill comes, they can't pay for it. The most important thing we have is each other, if we can't be healthy, then we don't even have that. I urge you to put away the ridiculous thinking of Social Medicine and realize that what we have now is so much more debilitating than that. If Social Medicine is having health care that is free to everyone, and we can all be covered no matter what our pre-existing conditions, then bring on Social Medicine!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh, it's just an old Van injury

I previously posted about P90X.  Colby and I have been doing it for a few weeks.  That is until this week. Well, we did do 1 night.  I don't plan on stopping, I just need to heal first.  Ya see last week I did my yoga DVD one night and think I may have stretched farther than I should have.  The next day I sustained an injury to my Left hip while getting out of the van.  Yep, you read right.  While getting out of the van, I pulled a muscle and pinched  nerve.  Ok, I was holding Devon in one arm and trying to get out from the back row while reaching for my purse and trying to slide the door open at the same time.  Still this shouldn't be the cause of an injury.  I remember when I was in high school joking that if I had to break a hip, I wanted it to be because I was kicking my panties off.  (this was actually an injury that a friends grandmother received).  I know I didn't break it, but I am officially not as young as my brain thinks I am. (my brain thinks I am still in my early 20's by the way)

Park Fun

We took a little trip to the park today. It was too nice not too.  We all had a great time.  

As you can tell, Devon was not too sure of the slide.  He loved the swing though.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Jake is a rock star

Jake loves to sing and play his guitar.  He loves all different types of songs, and makes a lot up himself.  Recently Colby and I started to listen to more of Michael Jackson again. He may have been a sad man that as a mom I would never let my kids around, but he made some great music.  Anyway, MJ's videos were on a lot lately and Jake was very intrigued.  1- he LOVES ''Beat it". 2-he is very interested in "why are there 2 Michael Jackson's" (dark skin and light skin), 3- "why did he have a bad heart" "cant we just put a new one in him" and "what color do you think his heart is?"  
As a result of his intrigue I overheard him telling some kids at Jazzercise this week. "hey, did you know Michael Jackson died? His heart stopped working, do you know 'beat it' ?"  to which one of the kids responded in a confused face "My friend Jackson didn't die"........I feel old, but very entertained

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Burning the midnight oil?

I took Devon to the Dr on Wednesday because I was up all night the night before.  Devon would wake up crying and acted like he was in pain, and pulling at his ears.  Because he just got over an ear infection, I thought that he had another one.  Well, as it turns out Devon's near crawling is most likely the culprit. His ears, nose, throat, etc look great.  Yes, he is getting another tooth, but most likely that isn't keeping him up.  Dr Wichman confirmed what most of us moms knew already.  When these little guys are working toward a milestone, they wake up and practice...then can't figure out how to get back to sleep, or calm down enough to sleep.  So apparently Devon was too busy trying to crawl in his bed, that he couldn't sleep.  What to do?  Let him cry until he goes to sleep.  I'll tell ya how that turns out.