Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Parents should never have to bury their children

A boy that Victoria was friends with was killed last night in a car accident. I don't think they know the specifics yet, but it was on some country roads and I don't think there is a stop sign in either direction. The car was T-boned and he died at the scene. I knew that it had occurred, because my mom called to make sure we were all safe after she heard breaking news.  I even kind of assumed it would involve a teenager, I know that isn't a very kind thing to assume, but I did. We had Back to School night at the High School last night, and even though nothing was said, there were some things that pointed to it being a student. One of the teachers who was supposed to be talking about his class was called away on an emergency. It just so happens that V and Andrew were in the same class. At the end of the night, the Principal announced an emergency staff meeting immediately after the Open House was over.  It is funny how thinking that you know what is going on somehow distances you from the emotions that go with actually knowing what is going on.  When we got home a friend of Victoria called and informed her that in fact it was a friend of theirs, Andrew, who was killed. I feel very bad for the kids and Victoria for what they will be feeling over the next year or longer about this. I feel the most pain, and sorrow for Andrew's parents.  I haven't been able to stop thinking of them, though I have never met them. I haven't the smallest idea what they are going through, and to be honest, I never want to know. I can only imagine how they are able to function. I don't know for sure, but I feel like my heart would stop beating and my lungs stop breathing if I had to deal with anything of the sort. I will pray without ceasing that they are able to hang on to each other and move forward from here. I don't propose to even understand how they can do it, but I know that the more people praying for the same thing, can feel to them, like a rope to hold on to. Parents should never have to bury their children, and the ones that do, I give you all my heart and strength.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Jake's first day of Pre-K= deceit

Monday was technically Jake's first day but due to his Tonsil and Adenoidectomy, he didn't go until today. He was cleared to go back on Tuesday (their class is MWF) but he was hurting too much for my liking on Wednesday, so I kept him with me.  There has been an issue with him returning though. Open Arms, the preschool/daycare center that he goes to, claimed that he couldn't return with any restrictions, i.e. no physical activity.  This flat out pissed me off, their claim was that they didn't want to be unfair to him to have him sit out.  What? I have sent thousands of patients home with "may return to school, but no physical activity" in my 14 years at CMH. Never has a parent told me that their school thinks that is "unfair".
Monday when we went to drop off his supplies and explain to the teacher he had to leave, we talked to the new director. She was the person who explained to me that if I wanted to pick him up at recess that I could do that. She informed me that their recess time was at the end of the class, so that seemed like a perfect solution. FF to today. I drop Jake off, then ask the teacher if I needed to be here by 10:30 to get him before recess. She looked confused and said "we go to recess at 9:00".  She pointed to the class schedule, and yep, that is when they do recess. I was just about to start to ask if I needed to pick him up for 20 min in the middle of the school day, when another mom saved me.  I am horrible with names sometimes, and I just remember her as Hadley's mom.  Anyway, Hadley's mom told me "I overheard them talking, Mrs Susan has no idea what you are talking about, hurry just go before they notice" it seems the director is the only one who feels this way.  So Devon and I scurried out of the place before anyone was the wiser.  Do I feel bad that Jake is probably going to play when he should still be resting?  Kind of, I do know what to look for when he gets home, but at the same time, he shouldn't have to miss school when he has been cleared by his surgeon since Tuesday.  Besides, I am kind of a "buck the system" kind of gal anyway.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

T-ball comes to a close

Last night was Jake's final T-ball game of the year. Even though the season kind of drug on (thanks to weeks of rained out games), it was bittersweet watching him play that last game.  Jake has always loved baseball, but didn't seem so interested at first in playing (or at least practicing) I think it was a lot of factors that added together.  1. most of the kids were a year or 2 older (this is a big deal when you aren't even 5), 2. he hasn't figured out how to catch the ball yet, and 3. the coach never let him just go up and hit the ball the way he knows how, she always had to "help"him (don't get me wrong, she did the best coaching job she could given what she had to work with).  As a result, he wasn't as excited as we thought he would be about playing T-ball. Until the last game that is....he told us that he loved playing catcher ( kind of ironic since he can't catch, lol) , that he loved playing T-ball.....just not practicing.

Here is a good action shot of Jake hitting the ball, if you look close you can see the ball headed to the First basemen.

Jake with his tongue hanging out, running (he really doesn't run, it is more of a rapid mosey) back to the dugout after scoring!
Oh, yes, I let him wear shorts, he is too small and skinny to wear the baseball pants that were XS, we also let him wear his tennis shoes the last game, because he outgrew his cleats during the season

Final huddle of the season.....Gooooo White Sox!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Devon is in a big boy bed.

Last night when we were putting Devon to bed, he started climbing out...over and over again. I decided to see how far out he could actually get, when he did a face plant where he even bit his tongue (mother of the year I know). So what to do, but transform the crib into a toddler bed. We had done it before, and it doesn't take too long. Plus we already had bedding from when Jake used it.  He looks so cute in his new little toddler bed.  Of course he did fall out a couple of times last night.  Not to worry, I am getting some pillows to line the floor with to help comfort the falls from now on.  Kind of sad taking that crib down, it kind of feels like my baby is a big boy : (

Monday, May 17, 2010

Ferris will make it all better

In the words of my friend Ashley....."a cat.....................what prompted this? Thought you wanted to plant a few shrubs.......hehe" We did buy our peonies, but it was too stinking rainy all weekend to plant our memorial flowers.....so we decided to get a kitten to love on : )

In fairness, Devon has been asking Colby for a couple of weeks now "where Kiki go?" with his hands out in a questioning maner.  We did need to put some love on something small, so it is a win-win situation.

Meet Ferris, we changed his name from the the ever cute kitten name Phineas.  We didn't think Phineas would be a good adult cat name, plus we wanted something we came up with.  Ferris is of course after "Ferris Bueller's Day off" , he is 10 weeks old, and super stinking cute...

Devon loves him...

Ferris doesn't think what Devon is doing is love....

Jake loves him too, here is a uniquely mellow pic of Jake and Ferris : )

Friday, May 14, 2010

The pain of an empty womb

I know that this isn't an easy subject to talk about. Hell, I know it isn't an easy subject to read about. I am hoping that writing about it makes it easier, for me and maybe for anyone else who hasn't processed their pain yet.
When most people hear about miscarriages, they think of a beautiful young woman, who desperately wants to have a baby, but is unable to. It is very easy to feel empathy for these woman, because when you know the joy of having a baby, you can't help but wish that for every woman (and the husbands that want the same thing).  What we don't hear a lot about, is what I am going through.  I have 3 beautiful, and wonderful children, but I don't feel like my family is complete.  I know to some people, I should be grateful for the children that I do have, and it is almost offensive to them that I do want one more.  I am grateful for my kids, I love them more than they will ever know. I just also know that there is more than enough love to go around another time.
The experience of losing a pregnancy, is a horrible one!  It doesn't matter if you have children or not, it all just sucks.  I do think that each person experiences different emotions though.  My story goes like this...

In October 2008, Colby and I brought home our wonderful baby boy Devon, turns out Devon didn't like it when mommy wasn't around....at all, he was by all accounts a difficult baby, not colicy, just difficult.  He knew, that mommy wasn't around and gave daddy a hard time.  Colby had a hard time dealing with a mostly grumpy baby every weekend when I went back to work.  It was maybe the 3rd or 4th weekend back at work and Colby called to tell me emphatically that we were done having kids....he was serious.  From that point on, I did my best to accept that I was done having babies, but my incomplete feeling was still there.  By the time Devon was around 9 to 10 months old, he mellowed out. In January 2010, Colby came to me and told me that the reason that he hadn't gone to get "snipped" was because deep down he wanted another baby too.  He had reached a point that he knew he wanted a baby and I was overjoyed!  We started trying in February, and got a positive test in early March.  I had never had any reason to be concerned about a pregnancy, I had always gotten a positive test, then at 40 weeks (or 42 in Victoria's case) given birth to beautiful healthy babies.  I went on with my normal everyday life, until the Thursday night after that positive test.  I started by just seeing a small amount of brown drainage, this worried me, but my original thought was that I needed to slow down a little.  That night, the small brown drainage turned to large and bright red.  I was stunned, sad, confused.  I told Colby that I thought I had lost the baby, but made an appointment for my Dr anyway.  I am a mom, and I love my kids more than anything.  I would do anything to save them from harm, but not this time.  It was the most defenseless feeling I had felt, to know that my baby was in trouble, but all I could do was sit there and take it.  To add insult to the whole idea, the cramping felt more like the contractions that our uterus goes through after you give birth, to get itself back to size.  I had felt that pain before, but worn it as a badge of honor, after all, it was a small price for the tiny treasure that was then in my arms. This time every painful contraction, reminded me of the little treasure that I would never get to meet.  Colby and I had a very hard time, we had already loved that little baby more than we knew, and now we had to come to terms with what we will never understand.
I am a nurse, my brain understands that the pregnancy was doomed, and that is why I lost it.  My heart however, can't comprehend anything other than the pain that is occurring. As a matter of fact, it is easier for my brain to focus on the sadness of the moment than to try to comprehend that the baby I was losing was a failure, a mismatched chromosomal mess. I will never view it like that, my heart won't allow it.

Colby and I were able to heal from that situation, and move forward.  We had another positive pregnancy test on May 2 and we were both cautiously excited. Each day that went well, we gained more confidence and excitement. then the evening of May 11th, I noticed a pale pink drainage, as if it were diluted water color.  I hardly slept, I dreaded what was coming, but was hoping to be put on bed rest until  it subsided.  The morning of May 12th, my worst fear came back...bright red blood. I burst into a sobbing mess.  Why? Why us? Why now?  We just went through this, we have had our turn at that, not again!  I am blessed to have Colby as my husband, he stayed home from work and went with me to see my OB. Oddly enough, it made it easier to hear that I lost my baby, when it was followed by words of encouragement from my OB.  He feels like we will have another baby, that statistically 30% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, we were just unfortunate enough to go through it 2 times in a row.  This time was also less physically painful, though my mind remembers the horrible previous pain with each small cramp or each new pad.  This time, I am just very dizzy and lightheaded.  I still hurt, just not as much.
I decided that it would be easier to share my pain in a cathartic effort to get myself in the right mental place.  I am not going to work this weekend, it would be too hard to see those little babies without setting me back a lot.  I am instead going to spend it with the wonderful family that I do have.  I know that we still have love for another child, and we are not going to give up.  I have also thought of a way to keep the memory of theses 2 babies.  I am going to get 2 peony plants (my favorite) and plant them in remembrance. Every year I will get to see those plants grow and bloom, and every time I look at them, I will remember the love that I have for these two lost babies.  It may not be the way everyone will deal with their pain, but I hope it works for me.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Best buddies!

Jake has a best friend.  His name is Nick.  We love getting to spend time with Nick and his family.  Today the boys and I went to the Great Mall for a playdate with Nick and his mom.  I am so glad that we let the boys do this.........They had to hold on to each other so that they wouldn't fall off of the stool.  Some of them are supposed to be silly faces and others are just trying to not fall.  Either way, it will be something they can look back on and smile about.  So cute!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

We feel all grown up now...

It has been 4 1/2 years since we moved into our house.  We love it here!  We just got 2 new neighbors that we love hanging out with. I am most excited about being able to finally get our fence!  We have never wanted to spend the money on a fence when we knew at sometime we would have neighbors.  Now the boys are just too busy to risk not having a fence.  We have construction across the street and 1 empty lot to the West of us.  So, we put the debt snowball on hold for a month and paid cash for our new fence!  We feel so grown up now.  So without further adieu...............The Miller Fence!
did I mention that we are going to kill our weed filled lawn and start over!

My flower garden is getting some Roundup as well : )

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jake is too funny to get mad at.....sometimes

Last night after we thought Jake was asleep (hadn't heard him for a while), we saw him sneaking down the hall.  From where Colby and I sit on the couch to watch TV, we can see a portion of the upstairs hallway through the spindles.
As we saw Jake sneaking around we said to him "hey, where are you going?"
Jake- "my pants are wet....I need new ones.."
Me- "Why are your pants wet?"
Jake- "Cause my water got on them....when I spilled it on me"
Me- "Ok, change and get back to bed...."

Not even 15 min later, I saw Jake's head pop up in the spindles....this alone makes me laugh.
Jake shouts out before I even get a chance to ask "I ate a booger!"
Colby and I giggle....
Me- "Ok, what are you doing out of bed?"
Jake- "I ate a booger, now I have germs on my hands, I need to wash em."
Me- "Well, that is why you shouldn't have eaten a booger!....go wash your hands and get back to bed!"
Colby and I giggle again...seriously? I can't help it, when you get caught off guard, it is hard to maintain the parental sternness.

Another 15 min go by and Jake is out of bed again! This time, I just walk over and shut off the upstairs hall light.
Jake-( in a girl like scream)-"hey, don't do dat....I can't see now!" He turns the light back on with the upstairs switch.
Me- "Jake! turn it off!" I turn it off again.
Jake- "leave it on" he turns it on.
I turn it off. (and giggle)
he turns it on (and giggles back)
I turn it off
he turns it on......
you get the picture...I can't help it but the entire time, I am cracking up, Colby is on the couch in near tears. I don't even know why it is so funny other than, I am fighting over a light switch with a 4 year old, and that I am sure our neighbors are thinking something haunted has taken over our house with the flashing lights and all.  Overall, it is just the way it went down....he just has this funny silly way about him.

I love that about him!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

No dear, those weren't weeds you pulled.....

I love flowers!  I get excited to plant them, to watch them grow, to see how beautiful they are.  I love them.  Last fall, I planted Pink Tulip and Purple Hyacinth bulbs alternating around all three trees in our front yard.  I have been watching them slowly come up this year, knowing that the first year it takes a little longer to bloom, I have been excited to see their progress. 

Today, while at work, I got a call from Colby asking "you didn't plant anything around our trees? did you?" 
 Me- "YES! I planted Tulips, why?".  
I then hear Colby tell my neighbor in a laughing tone...."yeah, she said she planted tulips, they were tulips". Then he says to me "I might have pulled up a few, thinking they were weeds..."  
Me-" WHAT!? are you kidding me?".   
Colby- "No, I will put them back in the ground though, I asked Rachel(neighbor)what she thought it was, and she said she thought it was a tulip".  
I had to go to work, so we continuted our discussion when I came home to see this.....
He pulled the buds of the flower right off...
does this really look like a weed?
The "weed" carnage.

As soon as I came home, I could see the damage...It looked as if he took a weed whacker to them
Me- "How could you have thought they were weeds, you knew I planted them last fall".  
Colby- "I don't remember you planing anything."
Me- "Yes, you do, you were working on the Jeep, and I had to ask you to watch Devon a little while so I could finish planting them." 
Colby-(giggling)"Oh, now that you mention it , I do remember. I was thinking to myself 'why are these weeds in a circle around all the trees' ". 
Me- "Yeah, because I planted them, weeds don't just grow evenly spaced around all trees."  
Colby- "Well, I put them back in the ground, they might not bloom this year though, maybe next year"  Me- "Yeah, I know!"

While I admit that this event is a little humorous, OK quite a bit humorous.  Colby is still in the dog house for a couple of key reasons:
1. He watched me plant those last fall.
2. I pointed out their progress to him on Wednesday evening...to which he replied "yeah, uh-huh".
3. Even though he thought it odd, that "leafy weeds" were growing around all of our trees...he still pulled first and asked later

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Devon's Busy Day

He Played in the dog bowl
He drank from the dog bowl
He ate some chalk

Then after working up an appetite he took a bite out of the bread....while we were still at Walmart.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ferris' insight

A quote from Ferris Buller's Day Off....  "Life moves pretty fast.  If you don't stop and look around once and a while, you might miss it."

I feel like I have been moving way to fast lately, one thing after another is going on in my life.  Most good, but some I could have lived without.  Ironically though, as a result of the latter, I have realized that it is ok to have a bad day, just blame it on what is really going on and not your kids' behavior.  I hadn't realized it but the patience that I normally had was shortened by my not addressing what was really going on.  I was too busy trying to get over it that I swept a rug over it instead of cleaning it up so to speak.  I am glad that a friend pointed this out to me. I truly hadn't noticed.  I have too many blessings in my life to ruin it with too little patience.

We now have 2 sets of new neighbors, both have kids and are fun to hang out with!  Yeah, after 4 1/2 years, we can have some fun in this neighborhood! We have been having neighborhood playtime in the evenings, I love it! We have prayed for fun, social neighbors since we moved in, I think we just needed time to get the right group.

We are going to break down and buy a fence this year.  With 2 busy boys, I can't keep track of both at the same time and with all the construction going on, I can't let them in the front yard unless we are there watching them.  I cant wait! no more worrying that if I am playing with Devon, Jake might slip into the front yard and vice versa.

Victoria made the Gardner Edgerton High School Dance Team.  I am very excited for her, she worked very hard to make it.  This dance team went to the Orange Bowl last year to do halftime performance, and is very competitive.  Sounds like a ton of fun to me.  It will be a lot of practice for her (shuttling for me) and   a lot of money too.  They are doing fundraisers though, so I am making her get out and sell, sell, sell to help pay for the cost.  I think being involved in such a time consuming activity, will be good for her personally and academically.

I am going to get back on the blog wagon....at least post once a week instead of once a month : )

Friday, February 26, 2010

I think I'm in a funk....

This winter, my boys have been sick a lot.  When they are well, we go to MOPS every other Monday, and Jake goes to school 2 times a week.  I have been going to the YMCA 2-3 times a week.  I would like it to be 3-4, but life seems to get in the way.  This last 2 weeks, I feel like I have been a complete and utter homebody.  We did go to MOPS Monday, but other than that, I've been here.  I even stayed home from work last weekend.  I woke up Saturday so dizzy that I walked into both a wall and the door.  I couldn't drive to work, so I called in.  It ended up being a Migraine, I haven't had one of those in years. I stayed in bed most of the day. By Sunday night I was feeling much better and ready to get back out into the world. My boys had other ideas.  Monday afternoon, Jake told me "my tummy is sick". He has had it coming out both ends for a few days.  He still isn't up to par. Devon has had several nasty diapers as well too.  I can't take these boys anywhere!  I would love to go somewhere other than here.  Last night I bribed Victoria into watching the boys, so I could go to the Y for 45 min.  It was nice, but didn't quite cure my fix.
Then there is the weather....I love the snow, it is pretty.  If it has to be cold outside, we might as well have snow to make it look nicer.  However.....I view my birthday (Feb, 28th) as the end of winter.  I have always thought "after my birthday is spring!"  I look forward to the park, flowers, in short all things spring. This year this will not be the case!  I have hit my limit.  My seclusion coupled with my imaginary deadline for winter has thrown me into a funk.  I have got to get out of it, but am so far in that I need your help.
I would love ideas on what I can do for fun with the boys when they are well???? I hope next week!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A bittersweet surprise....

I was looking through my wedding photos today.  I was just trying to send Colby one of our wedding pictures that Devon loves to carry around.  It is so sweet watching him point to mommy and daddy!  Anyway, when I was looking through the pictures to find the one I needed to send. I came across a picture of my friend Shawndra and her (then) soon to be husband.  Shawndra passed away last year after a 2 year battle with Colon Cancer.  This is a great picture of Shawndra, it captured her spirit.  This is the way I will always remember her.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Aww Mannnn....

This is why most of the bathroom doors in my house are closed...if not locked....YUCK!!

He just wants to help too...

Devon watches on as daddy and Jake put together a model car.  Devon loves to do everything big brother does. When they were done, Jake made sure to let Devon drive the car as well. I love that about my boys, they get along so well!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Balloons to the rescue!

I don't know about your kids, but mine love balloons! They just love to beat the heck out of them.  Sometimes the best form of entertainment is the cheapest! (Those balloons were given to me at MOPS last week).  Having praised the balloons, they are also a double edge sword!  The boys bang them and bang them, then freak out when they float to the ceiling.  Some of the biggest whining from both boys came from those balloons.  So I decided to save them for the perfect time...like tonight, when the boys were both fighting with each other over some of Jake's new color changer cars.....I whipped out the balloons, and fight was over, bonding over balloons started.  I love it when a plan comes together.....

Oh, P.S.  Yes, Jake does wear that shirt all the time....it is a battle that I refuse to fight.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Olympic Memories

I love the Olympics!  I always have.  I love watching the athletes live out their dreams...corny I know. I love hearing their stories, then watching them win.  Some sports I like more than others, but truly I'll watch them all.
One of the things that I realized this week when watching the games, was that I have great memories that are associated with them.  I guess, they may not all be the greatest story ever told, but memories that are triggered by just seeing those Olympic Rings.

In 1988 the Calgary games closed on my Birthday (they do this year too!!) and I remember watching them in my new Garfield nightgown that my friend Theresa gave me for my birthday....

In the 1994 Lillehammer games,  my college roommate Cori and I got drunk in our dorm room, and watched in outrage as Nancy Kerrigan had her Gold medal stolen from her by a giant pink feathered ostrich also known as Oksauna Baiul.  We even voiced our displeasure in a strongly worded letter to the IOC.....Fortunately we woke up sober the next morning and never sent it.

In the 2002 Salt Lake City games, I remember watching as the 1980 gold medal Hockey team was honored for their 'Miracle on Ice' win over the Soviets. It was the same month as my now husband moved in with Victoria and I.  I remember him asking "if this means we have to watch the Olympics?"  Ummmm, Yes!  He likes, the Olympics, but only wants to watch certain sports. oh, also I colored my hair dark brown that day too.... : )

In the 2006 Torino games, I will always remember how Colby and I had been playing around, having fun being mean to each other...ie snapping each other with towels...etc.  and I sat down to play my DVR'd figure skating when he giggled as he ran upstairs and said....."Sasha Cohn doesn't win......." Arggh, I was mad, yet giggling still.  Of corse when I brought this up to him this week, he conveniently didn't remember doing it....he claims that he would never give away an ending.  Well, he was wrong, he did and it is now one of my Olympic memories.

This year, sadly, I will remember the poor luger who died doing what he loved.  The comercial that made me cry by showing several little kids participating in the Olympic games, then tag lined... "To their moms, they'll always be little kids".I am sure that there will also be some positive memories that come from these 2010 Vancouver games as well....only time will tell.

P.S. I have summer game memories too....but since we are having the winter games, I only listed some of the Winter memories

Friday, February 5, 2010

The cause of Devon's future therapy

If you read my blog this morning, you know Devon was longing to play outside in the snow with Jake.  When Colby got home, he wanted the boys and I to go outside and play while he shoveled the driveway.  I don't have any snow clothes for Devon, other than a coat and boots, so I improvised.....

My mom gave me this snowsuit when I was pregnant with Devon, but before we knew what we were having.  It may be pink, but it fit him.  I giggled, a lot when I looked at him....
Mostly because I can't wait to use this to blackmail him some day......parenthood is so much fun : )

I love you Devon, thanks for making me laugh!!

Give and Take

I love the snow! It is so beautiful, peaceful, and fun....If you are Jake that is.
He was getting on my last nerve this morning.  Running around like a madman, hitting his brother, just all around a pain in the you know what.  So, I took Colby suggestion and sent him outside.  He had a blast for about an hour even.  Great idea.......

Except then there is Devon.  He was having an ok day, and I was sure that once Jake the instigator Miller was outside playing there would be peace inside too.
I was wrong!!!! Devon did almost nothing but whine and stare out the window the entire time he was outside.

I guess on a positive note, they both wore themselves out, so a good nap should be in store for both of them.....and that means me too!!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

He is so cute I have to forgive him...

Tonight while I was making dinner, I felt something hit me in the tush.  When I turned around, I saw the cutest little baseball bat wielding attacker.  It was my little Devon, he was giggling at himself, and took another swing.  I can't help but laugh, he is too cute to look sinister, and because it didn't hurt, it is kind of funny.  I guess I'd better put a stop to this soon.  Don't want the kids at the YMCA to fall victim to my little thug.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yeah for sunshine!

I am so glad that we have had a few days with sunshine!  It gave us a chance to get outside and play! Even if it was for less than an hour.  I think it is so much easier to make it through the cold with the sun shining.  I also need to have an outlet to wear out my kids : )  Having said that, I don't want to wish away winter, because that means my kids will be that much older, that much quicker.  They already grow at the speed of light.  So, I will just take advantage of the sunshine whenever God gives it to us, and enjoy my kids while they are little, even if that means having stretches of days with crazy kids, cooped up inside.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Never thought I'd have to say that...

For Christmas, we got the boys each a play phone from Wal-Mart...the ones in the checkout isle.  Devon loves to pretend that he is talking on the phone, so we thought it was a good idea. Well, approx 10 min after opening his....he ate it.  Yes, ate it. he ate off the buttons.  Needless to say we took his away from him and trashed it...only out $3.  I kind of forgot about Jake's phone (pictured) and Devon got ahold of it last week....now out $6.  Yesterday we were at our daily Wal-Mart stop, when Jake started asking for a new one.  Jake- "mom can I PLEASE have a new phone?"......Me- " No,  Devon will eat it".  Never thought I'd say that one. Then on the way home, Devon was babbling to Jake when Jake calls out "Mom....Devon is hungry for phones".  Never thought that phone eating would be such a problem...what is wrong with my kids?

Sunday, January 17, 2010


It is really hard to imagine the pain, death and destruction that is occurring down in Haiti.  It breaks my heart to see this unfold.  Families unsure if their loved ones are alive, children who can't find their parents.  Volunteers who are trying to help, but are still unable to do as much as they need to.  It is just horrible.  My heart and prayers go to these people!
This week I made a donation on the Red Cross website, and because it was overloaded, I never received my confirmation email.  Well, I did it again and then wound up giving twice.  I was kind of feeling like a tool, because part of me knew that I didn't budget for one donation, let alone two.  I would soon figure it out.  Not long after this discovery yesterday, I was in the break room at work.  The tv was set to CNN and they were showing stories from Haiti.  A co-worker of mine started talking about how she "is so tired of hearing about all of this"  that "we don't need to be giving all of this money to them"  "they are a communist country and we don't need to be giving our money to them...." she thinks that every other country should help before we jump in.  At first I thought she was joking...then I realized she was serious.  I just looked at her and said "Umm...the last time I checked those were people who are dead and real families who are hurting....that is the important thing".  I was appalled at her beliefs.  I realized that everyone can think as they choose, I was just disgusted at her views.  I think that she should be embarrassed at her sense of inhumanity.  The kicker is that she likes to toot her "Christian Woman" horn fairly often.  PUKE!  At the end of the day we were leaving and there was a flyer about a fundraiser for Hati and in front of everyone else she said "oh, that is nice"  I know she was really thinking "NICE" as in oh great, here we go again.
After this encounter, I decided that because there are actually people in the world who DO NOT CARE, then I would find a way to fit my double donation into my budget.  I am going to pretend that I am forcing her to donate without her knowledge.  That will make me smile the next time I see her.  Thanks to her ranting, there will be a little more money to help out people who need it.

God Bless those people of Haiti and the Volunteers who are helping do all they can!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thanks for the memories...

R.I.P. Cowboy Frosty!

December 30, 2009

January 14th, 2010

It was fun while it lasted, we'll see you again...hopefully soon!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

I should have seen this coming

Last night while Colby and I were watching a movie, we heard the sound we had been dreading since our bunk bed purchase.  A giant thud, followed by a blood curdling scream.  We couldn't get up the stairs fast enough.  When we arrived in Jake's room, he was on his bed sobbing.  He told us that he was "just trying to hang upside down just like a monkey"  He said that his feet slipped, and he hit his head on the wooden frame that surrounds the mattress.  At the base of the Right side of his head, he has a huge boggy bump (a hematoma).  I am not sure what it is about me or most nurses for that matter, but when it is your kid that is hurt, you think different thoughts.  I thought...."head injury.....CT.....admission/possible surgery"  when the nurse in me should have been thinking "Head bonk.....ice.....monitor for abnormal behavior".
I did eventually come to my senses (sort of) and decide that Jake was not acting abnormal...I asked him if he feels like he does after he spins around the room, he told me "no, my eyes are not going crazy".  He also told me that his tummy felt fine.   Nonetheless, I set my alarm to make sure that I did neuro checks every 4 hours.
He has been fine this morning, complete with insisting that we make pancakes for breakfast....I am glad that this ended the way it did, but am sure that this will not be the last of the possible injury's he and Devon will have. Ahh the joys of having boys.

Monday, January 4, 2010

The catch up blog

I have been a slacking on my blog lately. I do however have a few things to share, so I might as well just get caught up....here goes.

Devon has been climbing on the table lately, I know he shouldn't, but he looks so cute up there. Today he was dancing to the music on his laptop, and dancing along while I was uploading these pictures from our camera...
Jake has learned that the dog leash is a versatile tool, it can be used for both toys and to keep your baby brother just where you want him....today he was trying to coax Devon over to him, to hook him up. He told Devon "Hey Devon....come over here, it's me in the glasses"
Colby and Jake had a ton of fun playing in the snow in our yard last week. They made a cowboy snowman, and sledded down our uneven yard...

While Devon looked on..
Devon has been in the phase that he wants to use spoons, forks and eat off of plates...
unfortunately he hasn't gotten down the correct usage for them, but he looks cute in the process.