Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ferris' insight

A quote from Ferris Buller's Day Off....  "Life moves pretty fast.  If you don't stop and look around once and a while, you might miss it."

I feel like I have been moving way to fast lately, one thing after another is going on in my life.  Most good, but some I could have lived without.  Ironically though, as a result of the latter, I have realized that it is ok to have a bad day, just blame it on what is really going on and not your kids' behavior.  I hadn't realized it but the patience that I normally had was shortened by my not addressing what was really going on.  I was too busy trying to get over it that I swept a rug over it instead of cleaning it up so to speak.  I am glad that a friend pointed this out to me. I truly hadn't noticed.  I have too many blessings in my life to ruin it with too little patience.

We now have 2 sets of new neighbors, both have kids and are fun to hang out with!  Yeah, after 4 1/2 years, we can have some fun in this neighborhood! We have been having neighborhood playtime in the evenings, I love it! We have prayed for fun, social neighbors since we moved in, I think we just needed time to get the right group.

We are going to break down and buy a fence this year.  With 2 busy boys, I can't keep track of both at the same time and with all the construction going on, I can't let them in the front yard unless we are there watching them.  I cant wait! no more worrying that if I am playing with Devon, Jake might slip into the front yard and vice versa.

Victoria made the Gardner Edgerton High School Dance Team.  I am very excited for her, she worked very hard to make it.  This dance team went to the Orange Bowl last year to do halftime performance, and is very competitive.  Sounds like a ton of fun to me.  It will be a lot of practice for her (shuttling for me) and   a lot of money too.  They are doing fundraisers though, so I am making her get out and sell, sell, sell to help pay for the cost.  I think being involved in such a time consuming activity, will be good for her personally and academically.

I am going to get back on the blog least post once a week instead of once a month : )