Tuesday, June 29, 2010

T-ball comes to a close

Last night was Jake's final T-ball game of the year. Even though the season kind of drug on (thanks to weeks of rained out games), it was bittersweet watching him play that last game.  Jake has always loved baseball, but didn't seem so interested at first in playing (or at least practicing) I think it was a lot of factors that added together.  1. most of the kids were a year or 2 older (this is a big deal when you aren't even 5), 2. he hasn't figured out how to catch the ball yet, and 3. the coach never let him just go up and hit the ball the way he knows how, she always had to "help"him (don't get me wrong, she did the best coaching job she could given what she had to work with).  As a result, he wasn't as excited as we thought he would be about playing T-ball. Until the last game that is....he told us that he loved playing catcher ( kind of ironic since he can't catch, lol) , that he loved playing T-ball.....just not practicing.

Here is a good action shot of Jake hitting the ball, if you look close you can see the ball headed to the First basemen.

Jake with his tongue hanging out, running (he really doesn't run, it is more of a rapid mosey) back to the dugout after scoring!
Oh, yes, I let him wear shorts, he is too small and skinny to wear the baseball pants that were XS, we also let him wear his tennis shoes the last game, because he outgrew his cleats during the season

Final huddle of the season.....Gooooo White Sox!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Devon is in a big boy bed.

Last night when we were putting Devon to bed, he started climbing out...over and over again. I decided to see how far out he could actually get, when he did a face plant where he even bit his tongue (mother of the year I know). So what to do, but transform the crib into a toddler bed. We had done it before, and it doesn't take too long. Plus we already had bedding from when Jake used it.  He looks so cute in his new little toddler bed.  Of course he did fall out a couple of times last night.  Not to worry, I am getting some pillows to line the floor with to help comfort the falls from now on.  Kind of sad taking that crib down, it kind of feels like my baby is a big boy : (