Friday, April 16, 2010

Best buddies!

Jake has a best friend.  His name is Nick.  We love getting to spend time with Nick and his family.  Today the boys and I went to the Great Mall for a playdate with Nick and his mom.  I am so glad that we let the boys do this.........They had to hold on to each other so that they wouldn't fall off of the stool.  Some of them are supposed to be silly faces and others are just trying to not fall.  Either way, it will be something they can look back on and smile about.  So cute!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

We feel all grown up now...

It has been 4 1/2 years since we moved into our house.  We love it here!  We just got 2 new neighbors that we love hanging out with. I am most excited about being able to finally get our fence!  We have never wanted to spend the money on a fence when we knew at sometime we would have neighbors.  Now the boys are just too busy to risk not having a fence.  We have construction across the street and 1 empty lot to the West of us.  So, we put the debt snowball on hold for a month and paid cash for our new fence!  We feel so grown up now.  So without further adieu...............The Miller Fence!
did I mention that we are going to kill our weed filled lawn and start over!

My flower garden is getting some Roundup as well : )

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jake is too funny to get mad at.....sometimes

Last night after we thought Jake was asleep (hadn't heard him for a while), we saw him sneaking down the hall.  From where Colby and I sit on the couch to watch TV, we can see a portion of the upstairs hallway through the spindles.
As we saw Jake sneaking around we said to him "hey, where are you going?"
Jake- "my pants are wet....I need new ones.."
Me- "Why are your pants wet?"
Jake- "Cause my water got on them....when I spilled it on me"
Me- "Ok, change and get back to bed...."

Not even 15 min later, I saw Jake's head pop up in the spindles....this alone makes me laugh.
Jake shouts out before I even get a chance to ask "I ate a booger!"
Colby and I giggle....
Me- "Ok, what are you doing out of bed?"
Jake- "I ate a booger, now I have germs on my hands, I need to wash em."
Me- "Well, that is why you shouldn't have eaten a booger!....go wash your hands and get back to bed!"
Colby and I giggle again...seriously? I can't help it, when you get caught off guard, it is hard to maintain the parental sternness.

Another 15 min go by and Jake is out of bed again! This time, I just walk over and shut off the upstairs hall light.
Jake-( in a girl like scream)-"hey, don't do dat....I can't see now!" He turns the light back on with the upstairs switch.
Me- "Jake! turn it off!" I turn it off again.
Jake- "leave it on" he turns it on.
I turn it off. (and giggle)
he turns it on (and giggles back)
I turn it off
he turns it on......
you get the picture...I can't help it but the entire time, I am cracking up, Colby is on the couch in near tears. I don't even know why it is so funny other than, I am fighting over a light switch with a 4 year old, and that I am sure our neighbors are thinking something haunted has taken over our house with the flashing lights and all.  Overall, it is just the way it went down....he just has this funny silly way about him.

I love that about him!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

No dear, those weren't weeds you pulled.....

I love flowers!  I get excited to plant them, to watch them grow, to see how beautiful they are.  I love them.  Last fall, I planted Pink Tulip and Purple Hyacinth bulbs alternating around all three trees in our front yard.  I have been watching them slowly come up this year, knowing that the first year it takes a little longer to bloom, I have been excited to see their progress. 

Today, while at work, I got a call from Colby asking "you didn't plant anything around our trees? did you?" 
 Me- "YES! I planted Tulips, why?".  
I then hear Colby tell my neighbor in a laughing tone...."yeah, she said she planted tulips, they were tulips". Then he says to me "I might have pulled up a few, thinking they were weeds..."  
Me-" WHAT!? are you kidding me?".   
Colby- "No, I will put them back in the ground though, I asked Rachel(neighbor)what she thought it was, and she said she thought it was a tulip".  
I had to go to work, so we continuted our discussion when I came home to see this.....
He pulled the buds of the flower right off...
does this really look like a weed?
The "weed" carnage.

As soon as I came home, I could see the damage...It looked as if he took a weed whacker to them
Me- "How could you have thought they were weeds, you knew I planted them last fall".  
Colby- "I don't remember you planing anything."
Me- "Yes, you do, you were working on the Jeep, and I had to ask you to watch Devon a little while so I could finish planting them." 
Colby-(giggling)"Oh, now that you mention it , I do remember. I was thinking to myself 'why are these weeds in a circle around all the trees' ". 
Me- "Yeah, because I planted them, weeds don't just grow evenly spaced around all trees."  
Colby- "Well, I put them back in the ground, they might not bloom this year though, maybe next year"  Me- "Yeah, I know!"

While I admit that this event is a little humorous, OK quite a bit humorous.  Colby is still in the dog house for a couple of key reasons:
1. He watched me plant those last fall.
2. I pointed out their progress to him on Wednesday which he replied "yeah, uh-huh".
3. Even though he thought it odd, that "leafy weeds" were growing around all of our trees...he still pulled first and asked later

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Devon's Busy Day

He Played in the dog bowl
He drank from the dog bowl
He ate some chalk

Then after working up an appetite he took a bite out of the bread....while we were still at Walmart.