Thursday, November 20, 2008

Devon's 1 month photos

Devon is one month old today.  I know he isn't going off to college yet, but wow time flies. I love you so much Devon!  I am so happy to be your mommy.  You already bring me so much joy, and I know there is more on the way.  I can see it in the smiles that come before you puke all over me...some say they are gassy, but I think you are smiling because you think it is fun to puke on mom. Here are the photo's that we took of you yesterday.  

This picture we took, because we had one of Jake like it.  I love it because it shows you are small enough to fit in my hands.
I love this picture because I can see your cute "gassy" smile : )

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Brave mom

We went to get Devon's 1 month pictures taken today at portrait innovations (I am too cheap to get the CD no pics until daddy scans them in).  Now, when I say we, I mean me and Jake.  Daddy was at work, I wanted to get this done in a timely manner, so I didn't think twice about going by myself with both boys.  I mean how hard can it be to get photos of an infant?

  Well to start with, I should have noticed that the other people waiting/getting pictures had a 2:1 ratio parents to a 1:2 ratio.  Things started out good, then as a couple of minutes passed, Jake began to get more restless.  He played with the other kids, then realized he was older than them and became the toy distributor.  I, at this point had to feed Devon, who was now hungry (thanks Hooter Hider).  Jake throws a fit because he wants to sit in the "Red" chair, not the "Yellow" chair...What????  And... now I know what lies ahead. 

 We get in to take Devon's pictures.  Jake finds a soccer ball to kick around, and I'll be honest, I tuned him out at this point.  It didn't take long for me to tune back in...the soccer ball hit the wall, Jake was walking all over the photo set, telling the kids out in the play area they had to stay out, then telling me he had to go pee. If I wasn't already sensory overloaded, I would have laughed.  I think even the photographer guy was irritated with me.  When it came time to look at pictures, Jake did a good job of playing...finally.

  As we are getting in the car, Colby calls and asks if Jake did okay.  I tell him a brief versionof events, then he responds... " I was wondering why you wanted to do this on your own...I thought that was very brave of you."   
Honey, the next time please mention this before the adventure.  Thanks!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My boys


Jake loves to entertain Devon, here he told me that he was "goinin to teach him to clap".  Devon doesn't seem to mind, he even smiles at Jake.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wanted: multitasking lessons

I don't know how you moms do it....getting more done than feeding, changing, and praying for sleep.  I know in my brain that someday, I will be able to walk, talk, and chew gum all while being a mom to two little boys.  Right now that someday feels months away.  So, I will do my best to get a blog in every now and then.  It is funny how someone so small can occupy so much of my time...and I love it (the rest is spent telling Jake he needs to listen to mommy the first time).  I do admit, that the time I spend just holding and loving on Devon, doesn't seem like a long time...  Then I look at the time and realize what I didn't get done.  My house and laundry may never be clean at one time again : )  

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My little helper

Jake has been the best big brother.  He just adores Devon.  I started pumping, in order to stock up for going back to work, and times when I can't feed him myself.  This morning, while I was getting dressed, Devon was in the bassinet and I head him start fussing just a little.  Next thing I heard was Jake..."Don't worry Devon, Jakey is here....d'ere"  Jake then comes to tell me "Devon was cryin, so I gave him some milk...kay?".  I had to laugh when I peeked in on Devon.  He had taken the bag of pumped milk and put it in the bassinet with Devon.  What a great helper.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Yes, we did!!!!

I am so proud of our country, and proud to be an American.  Our generation has had the opportunity to see history made in electing an African-American President.  I am proud to tell my kids and grandkids that I was apart of that history!  More importantly, we have chosen to change the direction of our country.  That is what I love about America, if things aren't going the best for our country ...just change it.  We, the people have the power to change things, by letting our voice be heard.    Tonight, our voices were heard, and Barack Obama is our new President Elect.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


My little family and I had a great Halloween.  We just went around our neighborhood.  Well...we ventured into the part of the neighborhood that has more houses than my part of the subdivision.  

Jake had a blast, he quickly got the hang of trick or treating.  He even created his own little twist.  You see when we were at a house down the street, Jake saw the movie 'Cars' in the background.  He then felt compelled to ask most people what they were watching, or more specifically if they were watching either 'Toy Story' or 'Cars'.  I promise that Jake doesn't sit in front of the TV, in fact when the shows he wants to watch are on, he is usually playing around with his toys and not even paying attention to the show.  Having said this though, his little world is those two movies.  He uses his imagination, and acts out his own stories from those movies.  I guess I would be worried if he wasn't as active as he is.  

Devon was awake the entire time.  His big eyes were just looking at everything.  This was a double bonus. The cool air combined with him being awake equaled me having 4 straight hours of sleep!!!! The longest stretch yet.  

 Colby and I agreed, we had more fun watching Jake go around and have such fun, than we ever did as kids.  I love being a parent, and am so grateful to have such a wonderful husband to parent with.