Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Mac is back!!!

Apparently our new neighbors have some type of device that was interfering with our old wireless router.  The guys at Time Warner were on time and brought me a new brand of router.  Voila, it works.  Yeah, I am so happy!   Now, if I could just get Devon to nap......

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I miss my Mac

I love my Mac. I never knew how unfriendly and painful it is to us a PC. That is until the wireless Internet in my house started having problems. I spent most of the day yesterday talking to IT people at Time Warner to help me didn't work. The PC is hardwired to the Internet, but the Mac is a laptop, so it needs a wireless Internet. Needless to say, if I want to get on the Internet, I have to use the PC until this is fixed. I feel like I resorted back to dial up. I can't wait for Wednesday between the hours of 2-5 (translation...4:58pm) for it to be fixed. I guess you don't know what you have until it is temporarily out of order.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

And he's back

Jake started to climb onto one of his toys to reach something on top of our TV.  Here is our conversation:
Me-"Jake, don't even think about it"
Jake- "Ummm I'm thinking about it"

Friday, February 13, 2009

Calling "Dr Appointment"

Today has been a crazy day for us all.  Yesterday at my mom's house, Jake started getting sick (he gets the Croup yearly).  Jake had been the one I was concerned about, he was working to breathe and has a barkey cough.  I had plans to take him to the Dr today if he didn't get better.  When we woke up this morning, I had a new surprise...Colby.  Colby told me that he felt dizzy, like the room was spinning and that he had a big headache.  I made him go to the Dr, because I was worried about his blood pressure.  It turned out that he has a case of Vertigo (dizziness) most likely caused by a virus.  
I took both boys with us when we took Colby to the Dr.  I needed to keep an eye on Jake's breathing and needed to nurse Devon.  While we were there Jake made us laugh.  I was holding Devon and bouncing him while rocking back and forth (to get him to sleep).  Jake started mimicking what I was doing.  After a couple of minutes he looked up at me and said "why are we doing dis?"   I almost cried I laughed so hard.   Then, I noticed Jake working harder to breathe, so I told Colby that I was just going to see if this Dr  could prescribe some Orapred for him.  Jake was hurting so much when he coughed that he started standing at the door and asking for "Dr appointment,  Dr appointment where are you, Dr appointment, I need my mouth fixed"  Even when he is sick, he is still a funny guy.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Facebook is fun

I have recently found out that Facebook is more fun than I thought.  I used to think that it was more difficult than Myspace, now I like it a lot more.  I have found so many people that I haven't seen in years.  It is like a reunion online, only better, because you can see pics of people and their family.  It is kind of addictive even.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Why is bedtime so hard?

Jake used to be very easy to put to bed.  Up until he turned 3 that is.  Now it is like an Olympic sport getting him to bed.  Devon is already asleep, so we try to keep Jake from being too loud (some noise accepted, just not overboard).  Then he NEVER wants to go upstairs, so we fight him on that and sometimes we have to carry him ourselves.  Then is the fight we stopped fighting, PJ tops, he wants to wear the shirt he wore that day.  We get all dressed and it is time for bathroom and brushing teeth.  Colby or I then rock him and read to him.  We tell him that we will leave his door open if he plays quietly...he never does, so we shut his door (he can't open it from the inside, we have the door knob protectors on it.)  Then he bangs on the door and yells  "hey, don't shut my door", " rock me and sing me a song", "I want-----(parent who didn't shut the door that night)".
Bottom line...I always feel like no matter how good of a day we had, it always ends bad.  I get so frustrated with him, then when he does fall asleep, I feel guilty for feeling frustrated.  Go figure, how is bedtime so hard?

Monday, February 2, 2009

New Pics of the boys.

Here are my super cute boys...I am partial I know.  I love the one of both boys.  Devon is screaming and Jake is doing his best to make him feel better.

Ok, I know that Victoria isn't in these.  I am getting her pics taken for her 14th birthday/Devon's 6 month in April.  

January Goal Update- Final

#1- Went on "date" with Colby to Wal-Mart.  For a total of 2 dates this month...not too bad

#2- I will be able to meet my goal for debt reduction, barley though.  Our hospital didn't start it's normal 'busting at the seems' census until last week.  Extra shifts were limited.

#3-  I weighed myself on the 30th and had just met my 10lb goal loss....unfortunately today (after stuffing my face at work yesterday)  I am back up 2 lbs.  My blog and my rules...I met my goal in January so it counts!!!  Besides my 2 lbs is probably water weight from all the salty foods.  ...hey a girl can dream right?
I didn't meet my Jazzercise goal though : (  With Devon/me being sick and or my sleep deprivation, I only made 6 classes).  

.........I need to set my Feb goals, so tune in at a later date.