Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Parents should never have to bury their children

A boy that Victoria was friends with was killed last night in a car accident. I don't think they know the specifics yet, but it was on some country roads and I don't think there is a stop sign in either direction. The car was T-boned and he died at the scene. I knew that it had occurred, because my mom called to make sure we were all safe after she heard breaking news.  I even kind of assumed it would involve a teenager, I know that isn't a very kind thing to assume, but I did. We had Back to School night at the High School last night, and even though nothing was said, there were some things that pointed to it being a student. One of the teachers who was supposed to be talking about his class was called away on an emergency. It just so happens that V and Andrew were in the same class. At the end of the night, the Principal announced an emergency staff meeting immediately after the Open House was over.  It is funny how thinking that you know what is going on somehow distances you from the emotions that go with actually knowing what is going on.  When we got home a friend of Victoria called and informed her that in fact it was a friend of theirs, Andrew, who was killed. I feel very bad for the kids and Victoria for what they will be feeling over the next year or longer about this. I feel the most pain, and sorrow for Andrew's parents.  I haven't been able to stop thinking of them, though I have never met them. I haven't the smallest idea what they are going through, and to be honest, I never want to know. I can only imagine how they are able to function. I don't know for sure, but I feel like my heart would stop beating and my lungs stop breathing if I had to deal with anything of the sort. I will pray without ceasing that they are able to hang on to each other and move forward from here. I don't propose to even understand how they can do it, but I know that the more people praying for the same thing, can feel to them, like a rope to hold on to. Parents should never have to bury their children, and the ones that do, I give you all my heart and strength.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Jake's first day of Pre-K= deceit

Monday was technically Jake's first day but due to his Tonsil and Adenoidectomy, he didn't go until today. He was cleared to go back on Tuesday (their class is MWF) but he was hurting too much for my liking on Wednesday, so I kept him with me.  There has been an issue with him returning though. Open Arms, the preschool/daycare center that he goes to, claimed that he couldn't return with any restrictions, i.e. no physical activity.  This flat out pissed me off, their claim was that they didn't want to be unfair to him to have him sit out.  What? I have sent thousands of patients home with "may return to school, but no physical activity" in my 14 years at CMH. Never has a parent told me that their school thinks that is "unfair".
Monday when we went to drop off his supplies and explain to the teacher he had to leave, we talked to the new director. She was the person who explained to me that if I wanted to pick him up at recess that I could do that. She informed me that their recess time was at the end of the class, so that seemed like a perfect solution. FF to today. I drop Jake off, then ask the teacher if I needed to be here by 10:30 to get him before recess. She looked confused and said "we go to recess at 9:00".  She pointed to the class schedule, and yep, that is when they do recess. I was just about to start to ask if I needed to pick him up for 20 min in the middle of the school day, when another mom saved me.  I am horrible with names sometimes, and I just remember her as Hadley's mom.  Anyway, Hadley's mom told me "I overheard them talking, Mrs Susan has no idea what you are talking about, hurry just go before they notice" it seems the director is the only one who feels this way.  So Devon and I scurried out of the place before anyone was the wiser.  Do I feel bad that Jake is probably going to play when he should still be resting?  Kind of, I do know what to look for when he gets home, but at the same time, he shouldn't have to miss school when he has been cleared by his surgeon since Tuesday.  Besides, I am kind of a "buck the system" kind of gal anyway.