Friday, May 29, 2009

PB&J is a food group

Most pediatricians and nutritionists will tell you how important it is to get your toddlers a perfectly balanced diet.  They emphasise the importance of limiting sugar unless it is in its pure form (ie fruit).  In nursing school, we even had to make presentations to educate the parents of our patients about balanced diets.  
Well, as a mom, here is how wonderful I follow that food pyramid.
breakfast we have fruit...Fruitloops
Lunch: a protein and a fruit...Peanut butter and Strawberry jelly
Snack: fruit...fruit snack or "red bar" (Jake for nutrigrain bar)
Dinner: whatever I can get him to put in his mouth...

So much for the thousands of dollars spent in nursing school.  The school of motherhood has it's own education.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fun at the Royals

Yesterday, Colby and I took all the kids to the Royals game.  It was Devon's first game.  I am a bad mom though, because I didn't take ANY pictures.  No, not because we didn't bring the camera. It was because we were just too busy balancing everything.  Everyone did great, even though it was cold and windy.  I just didn't want to upset the balance.... Ok, to be honest, I didn't remember until it was too late, and then it was time to go and everyone was upset.  We did have a great time though, Devon flirted with the girls 2 rows behind us.  He would even do his roaring thing to get their attention when they weren't paying attention to him.  Jake was way into the game, every time he heard a crack of the bat, he yelled in excitement (KC got their butts beat, so Jake was mostly yelling for Detroit) , he also wanted to go down and play with them on the field.  He just knew they would want him too. Victoria was happy just texting away, and glancing back at the row of cute college boys behind us.  Colby and I were happy that it was "Buck Night".  Everyone wins!  I was pleasantly surprised, so we will be trying this outing again...and will take some pics : )

Friday, May 22, 2009

Nothing is more fun than playing in the mud

This afternoon, I finished putting flowers in my flowerbed (late, I know, but I finally feel good).  Jake played outside while I worked. I knew that he was telling me that his toys were dirty, and needed cleaned.  I just didn't think to pay attention to what he meant.  I also knew that he wanted to clean them in the dogs water bowl.  I guess my attention to my flowers dulled my mom detective sense.  When I was putting things away and getting ready for lunch, I noticed the giant puddle of mud(blocked by the bucket in the pic) and the side area where Jake was "getting his toys dirty".  When they were dirty enough, he then would clean them in the dog's water bowl.  Needless to say Jake was a bit dirty himself, and very difficult to coax inside.  At least he found something to occupy his time : )

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Victoria's 8th grade dance

I just got back from dropping Victoria and her friend Kendall off at the 8th grade dance.  Her group of girlfriends got all dressed up for the occasion.  I say her group, because the attire was listed as "casual".  Victoria and Co decided that because the theme was "Old Hollywood" that they should dress up.  I can see the stretched logic in this.  As a girl, we want any reason to get all dressed up.  So, I didn't mind as long as they were comfortable doing it knowing that not everyone would be dressed up.  When I drove off after letting them out, I noticed a group of boys from their group....not dressed up...not even close.  One of the boys that Victoria is in and out of love with had on  a Celtics Jersey top and athletic shorts.   I couldn't help but laugh, boys don't give a crap what the "Theme" is.  I can't wait to hear all the gossip, it will be fun for her I am sure.

*****Note-  The dress she is wearing is borrowed and the shoes are current ones she wears, this budget making momma is saving up for Homecoming though****

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm back....better late than never

About a month ago, we got family pictures taken...see right.  Here are some of the other pics we got.  I am so glad that we finally went and did this.  I must say that I did kind of trick Colby into going...I was ordering shirts for the kids to wear, and decided that we should have a family picture.  I ordered Colby and I a shirt as well, only I didn't tell him then.  I waited until a couple of days before the pictures and told him that since we were all going to be there, we might as well take the family picture.  He grudgingly agreed, but then said "I don't have anything to wear".    I told him "not to worry, I ordered you a shirt too".  Then Colby knew what was going on.  I had planned for him to be a part of the type of picture he hates... the ones that everyone matches.  He wasn't very happy to say the least.  So, I didn't say a word when he started the Tool playlist (I HATE Tool), I had it coming.