Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I can't believe this day has come

When you have your babies, you mentally go through all the little milestones in their life.  When they'll walk, talk, go to school, graduate High School, get married, have kids...etc.  It is almost a dream at the time, as if those things are so far off that they just won't happen.  Well tonight, I had a very sobering event occur.  Colby and I went to a parent orientation meeting at the HIGH SCHOOL for Victoria.  My daughter is going to be in High School next year....WHAT???  When did this happen, why didn't I know about it?  I admit, I started to well up at the meeting (then got irritated at the annoying girls behind us that wouldn't shut up). On the one hand I am very excited for her, and can't wait for her to get to do all the fun High School stuff, on the other, I am scared shit less to be the parent of a High School kid.  I guess all I can do now, is hang on for the ride.

On a lighter note... We got a new camera a good one (go craigslist!!)

here are my first official pics from it:  (Victoria would kill me if I posted the ones of her without makeup in her PJ' I didn't) your big brown eyes little angel

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Tonight when I came home from work, Colby encouraged me to ask Jake if I could see his muscles.  It seems that earlier there was a Biography of Hulk Hogan on TV.  I guess that Jake was taken by the photos of Hulk.  Jake decided that he too had muscles like the Hulkster, and started practicing his pose.   Now all you have to do is ask Jake to see his muscles, and you too can see my mini hulk as well : )

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I hate being sick

Devon and I continue to pass each other this stupid crud.  He cant sleep, therefore I don't get to sleep and I can't fight this off.  So far I have missed Jazzercise, work (today) and don't care too much about my diet (If I'm hungry, I am not going to restrict myself).  I just need a solid 8 hours of sleep I think...maybe then I can function and get better.  Only can I get 8 hours of sleep?

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jake the big...I mean little brother

Jake is a funny little guy.  He is always on the go, he is all boy.  Most importantly, he has a big heart.  Jake loves his family and was devastated when Victoria didn't live with us.  He loves her so very much.

Today, Jake was telling me that he talked to Josh (Victoria's boyfriend) on the phone last night.  I asked him what he talked about.

Jake- "he said he has a Woody doll and Thomas trains too"
Me-  "He did?  What else did he say?"
Jake- "I tell him dat he better be nice to my sister!"

I am so proud of my little protector.  No one told him to say anything like that, he just said it on his own.  I know that he meant it, he is just like that.

Monday, January 19, 2009

I came by it honestly

Having a teenager is very interesting.  The priorities that they have are so different from the rest of the world.  I know that I once possessed these priorities as well, so at least there is hope.  Victoria is surrounded by drama.  Drama with girls at school, drama with girls at her old school, drama with boys from both schools...whew I can never tell if she is friends with these people or if they are in the dog house...depends on the hour.  At least as a girl myself, I understand...Colby is in a constant state of being perplexed.  

Due to the amount of drama, Victoria is on the phone ALL the time.  We have set 10pm for the time that she has to get off of the phone.  On more than one occasion we have heard her on the phone past this time.  Telling her to get off the phone wasn't very effective, so I pulled out a trick from my dad's bag of tricks.  Now when we hear her on the phone after 10pm, I (without warning) pick up the phone and start singing. I sing whatever springs to mind at the time, last night it was 'Bust a move' by young MC.  Not only did it embarrass her, but it also embarrassed her boyfriend Josh.  Mission accomplished, the phone call ended rapidly.  Thanks dad, for a very effective and innovative method of punishment.

January Goal update #2 aka falling off the wagon (already)

1 Jazzercise class (due to Devon and my eye Dr changing appointments), a lot of peanut m&m's (v bad) a couple of cokes (also bad), and 2 bowls of ice cream (v v bad).

good news though, no weight gain : )

Back on the wagon this week....I've got a goal to meet

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lost sleep forgoten

There is a reason God made these cute little faces.  My little angle woke up at least once an hour (sometimes more often) last night, because he couldn't breathe.  Even though I am dead tired today, I look at that cute, smiling little face and I forget all about the lost sleep (I still can't wait until nap time though!)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Conversation with Jake

Jake had to go to the restroom during Jazzercise this morning.  I help him, because he has a hard time pulling his pants up.  I choose to protect the other girls from seeing Jake coming out of the restroom with his pants around his ankles.  When we went into the restroom this is what he said to me:

Jake: "hey mom, what do you smell like?"

Me: "I probably smell sweaty"

Jake: "No, you just smell like Jazzercise"

Monday, January 12, 2009

First day back at work

My first day back is here and gone.  My part went well.  When I went back, I started in the Float Pool (nurses who fill in for short staffed  floors).  I got to orient with one of my best friends Ashley, so that kept my mind off of home.   

Devon and Colby didn't fare so well.  Devon ate aprox 4oz the entire day, and was a fussy butt for him.  Devon did let Victoria hold him for an hour or so, other wise he wasn't comfortable in any way.  Needless to say it was a stressful day here at the Miller house.  I guess Devon is going to have to learn the hard way, that just because he wants mommy on the weekends, doesn't mean he gets to have me.  Believe me Devon, if I could stay home with you, I would!

January Goal update #1

Went on a date with my husband Friday night.  Dinner and a movie. (a fancy date considering we count going grocery shopping without the kids a date too.)

I went back to work so I am at least making money now and no coasting off of my PTO.

I am 5 lbs lighter and went to 4 Jazzercise classes last week (don't be too impressed, now that I am working one day during the week, and babysit at Jazzercise one day a week, my available Jazzercise days are limited)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What goes through his mind?

  The last few nights, when kissing Jake goodnight, we have found Woody hanging from the blinds.  This morning I asked Jake about it.
me: "Jake, why is Woody hanging on the blinds?"

Jake (standing with his arms shrugging) : " Because...Woody WANTS to sleep on the blinds"... (he walks off shaking his head)

Jake is a Ladies Man...already

Today I babysat at Jazzercise.  Jake has several good friends there, he has known them for a couple of years now.  One of them is a girl named Carmen.  Carmen is a cute little blond haired, blue eyed tomboy who likes to dress up and be girly sometimes (a girl after my own heart).  Today, I glanced down at Jake and Carmen, just in time to see Jake's first kiss.  Jake was watching the video that was playing, and Carmen gave him a kiss on the cheek.  He just looked at her all confused, then back to the video.  Then Carmen called his name, and when Jake turned his head, she kissed him on the lips.  He looked at her with a "what just happened" look on his face and wiped it away.  What a heart breaker...ladies everywhere beware

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It was fun while it lasted

I can't believe that Devon is already 11 weeks old.  It seems like yesterday that I was thinking I would be pregnant forever.  I have to go back to work this Sunday, and I am very sad.  I love being home with the boys everyday, and my whole family on the weekends.  I love being able to goof around with Colby more than just a few hours each evening.  I will miss this very much.  The funny thing is, we are very lucky that I am able to work every weekend.  As much as I sacrifice every weekend that I go to work, we gain so much more every day that I get to be home during the week.  I will be working "extra" one day during the week to help us pay off our debt, and I am still blessed to be home as much as I am.  

I guess the bottom line is that, if I had made better choices with my money throughout the years, I would be able to stay home all but a couple of days a month.  It is the grace of God that has allowed me a job that I can work and still be a stay at home mom.  I will try to remember that when I have to be away from my wonderful husband, my new baby, my crazy toddler, and my hormonal teenager for a whole weekend.  

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Calling Bridget Jones...

Happy New Year!...typically late of me I know.
It is a new year, a time to start all things new.  This is the time of  year to make resolutions.  I have decided that this year, I will be more realistic.  The main reason "New Year Resolutions" fail, is that it is one big goal.  If you make one big goal, you should have several little goals in place leading up to that big goal.  If you don't have a map to get to your final destination, then you most likely will end up lost.  In light of my new philosophy, I am adapting a new sort of resolution.  I resolve to make monthly goals in the following areas: 1.Family, 2. Gaining Financial Peace, 3. Healthy Lifestyle.   

What does this mean in English?  It means that at the beginning of every month, I will set a goal for each area that month.  I will update my progress or lack thereof on my blog.  I am going to use public humiliation as my "accountability partner".  If you have ever read the Bridget Jones books, you will feel right at home.  I will be reporting my weight loss and my Jazzercise attendance weekly (unlike Bridget, I don't smoke so no cig updates).

Here goes........
1. I will go on at least one date with my husband. 
2. Put a pre-determined amount of money to my debt snowball (for security reasons, I am not going to put the amount)
3. I will be 10lbs lighter than I am now, and will have gone to at least 11 Jazzercise classes.