Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Future Olympian

I see a future Olympian at my house!  No, not my kids....me. I will be competing in several "up and coming events" or at least I will be petitioning that they become events.  Mommyhood has provided more challenging events on a daily basis than I could have ever dreamed. Some days I am not as high scoring as other.  I think, however, that I will have enough skills to compete in the following events:

1. Early Morning Appointments- this event includes getting all children awake, dressed, fed, seasonal accessories (i.e hats,coats, shoes etc...), distraction/nutritional time consuming items, getting them all secured appropriately in their safety seats,  and arriving on time (yes on time, did you see this list early is not likely).
2. PM Kindergarten preparedness- This event includes: getting anything that you need to get done that morning done (i.e. showering, appts, grocery shopping, dishes,laundry etc..), feeding your kindergartner, making sure that he/she has shoes and clothes on (yes this can go unnoticed), making sure eyeglasses are on child, finding then unloading (if not already done night before) backpack, reloading backpack, watching for bus, making sure the rest of children in the house do not escape when the bus comes for the kindergartner.
3.The bedtime routine - We all know this one....lets review- First off, you need to make sure that the children have eaten dinner (always a plus!),  if your really going for the gold, clean table and dishes up before bedtime routine is in full swing. Picking out the jammies (the path of least resistance works best here), The bath, everyone gets clean, dried and into previously agreed upon jammies, teeth brushing, potty time, then book choosing, book reading, back rubbing, threatening (don't act shocked, if, er I mean when they get out of bed, I get ticked). lights out, going back up to remove toys, separate children or (in my case...the last straw) yelling...first one to get kids to SLEEP wins.

In the Olympic events that I am entering, the prize will not be a medals, it will be Bronze- Alcoholic beverage of choice!, Silver-Massage followed by alcoholic beverage of choice!, Gold-a vacation with (unlimited) alcoholic beverages of choice!

I will be going for the Gold! Wish me luck! I get daily practice, so I should be prepared.