Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Birthday Devon

Well, I am a little behind, but I am so proud of my little man! Devon is 3 years, I don't understand. I can't believe how fast time flies now that I am an adult, and even faster since I am a mom. Devon is the most sweet, funny, tough, and freakishly strong little guy for 3. We had a BLAST at his Pumpkin Patch birthday party! Devon's favorite part?  The Zip line....yes, he is too short to reach the handle, but they let him ride anyway. He held on as tight as possible and even though he isn't heavy enough to make it down and back, he NEVER let go.  Really, the lady had to come get this tough little guy down.  Here is a pic of his final spot, I laughed so hard I cried (and nearly peed myself).

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